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Coaches and Directors
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Dave Davis Coach

Dave Davis:   Coach Davis has coached with the Elmhurst Swim Team since it started in 1991.   He has seen the team grow from 40 swimmers to over 250 during those years..   Coach Davis also coaches for York High School.    His favorite sets for swimmers always involve descending intervals and an increase in speed.      His favorite drill is to have swimmers keep a stroke count by 25’s  during a long swim and see how efficient they can be. (more distance per stroke)    It is like getting better gas mileage in your car.    

Bob Krzemienski Coach

Coach Bob:   Coach Bob started with the team in 1992.    His son and daughter both swam for the team for over 12 years.   Coach Bob’s favorite workout for the swimmers is 100 freestyle with bilateral breathing.   Everyone must streamline off of every wall with a minimum of 3 fly kicks and 3 strokes before starting the breathing pattern.   The 100 freestyle must be completed correctly by the whole group before the set is done.   Sometimes this set can take a long time.    Coach Bob’s favorite stroke drill is a Breaststroke drill:  Pull and breath, REACH, Kick and glide with a slow count of 4 seconds on the glide.   Coach Bob’s pet peeve during practice is not concentrating on the task or saying “I Can’t”.

Dave Polkow Coach

Dave Polkow   - This is my first year coaching at EST after years of teaching swimming to children and adults at the Elmhurst YMCA.  You'll find me working with everyone since I'm the floating substitute coach this season.  My focus is on having the kids keep their heads involved in what they are doing in the water.  I also coach triathletes and adult swimmers and runners. 

Anna Lundine Coach

Anna Lundine:   Coach Anna was a member of EST for over 10 years as a swimmer.  This is her first year coaching with the team.   She is a graduate of Augustana College.   Her favorite swim workout to give swimmers is an IM Sandwich.  This means that the swimmers do a 25 free between each stroke of the IM.   Her favorite stroke drill is the “One, Two, Three Coach Davis”.   This is really a 3 second glide drill for breaststroke, but of course she changes it to “One, Two, Three Coach Anna”.    Coach Anna’s pet peeve when working with swimmers is to have to keep telling them not to stand or sit on the kick boards.

Gabriele Knott Coach
Grace Walker Coach
Stefanie Lewis Coach
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