New Parent Information

Dear FAST New Parents,

Are you the parent of a new swimmer?  If so welcome to the Team!!!  We are excited to have you as new member of FAST.  Below is some helpful information for new parents.  We realize that it can be a little overwhelming being involved with a USA swim club for the first time, especially if you as a parent were not a swimmer yourself.  Remember: All swimmers were new swimmers at one point, no matter what their ability is now! And all parents were new swim parents at one time, too!  If you have any questions feel free to contact any one of the coaches or board members which can be found under the Coaches tab of our website.  NO question is too silly!!!


Coach Mike


Team Communication:

The team website is the central communication vehicle for the team You will receive a login when you begin registration.

  •           Tutorials on how to use the website can be found here: Tutorials  Only watch the    tutorials in the Account, Job and Meet Sign-Up and the OnDeck Parent App Sections of the tutorials.  You do not need to watch the Invoices section this is a funtion of TeamUnify that our team does not use.
  • ·         Practice schedule will be posted under the  Swim Groups tab.
  • ·         Meet Schedule and Sign up for Meets is found in the Events tab. 
  • ·         General News, announcements on News tab- updates are sent via email.

Another important resource to use is This site has a lot of information for new swimmers and parents on the sport of swimming, nutrition, terminology, etc.  Each one of your swimmers will have a USA swimming account which will track their times for their entire swimming career.  Simply go to the login page and sign up.


What Equipment will I need?


·         Recommend two practice suits- Example of some popular brands are Speedo, TYR, Dolphin, and Arena.

·         Goggles

·         Swim Cap – Latex or Silicone (silicone is thicker and lasts longer)

·         Swimming Fins (Long fins, not the short zoomers)**

·         Some groups as your child moves up may acquire more equipment, such as paddles and pull buoy.

·         Note that some vendors offer “grab bag” suits – these are usually good quality suits but they may not be in the most popular color/print.  If your child isn’t too picky this is the best way to save some money.


Where should you go to purchase suits, equipment?


· (most popular, has most variety)



Local Options:

·         Dick’s Sporting Goods

All other apparel (t-shirts, shirts, towels, warm-ups, etc.) will be ordered through the team.  We will make you aware when a team order for these types of items is occurring.

What is the expectation for attendance at practice and meets?

·         Practice: We do not take attendance for any reason besides our own record keeping, but Novice swimmers should target at least 2 practices per week, more is OK.  Developmental swimmers should target at least 3 practices per week more is OK.  Competitive swimmers should target at least 4 practices a week. Senior and Elite swimmers are practicing 5+ times a week.

·         Meets:  New swimmers can attend meets! Your child does not have to be a seasoned veteran to participate. Consult a coach if you have any questions.  Competition is by age group 8and under, 10 and under, 11-12, 13-14, and Open.  Our home meets are the only meets that are mandatory for new swimmers. We want to have as many swimmers as possible attend our home meets.  We encourage swimmers to swim in as many meets as they can comfortably fit into their family schedule.  These are great opportunities for your child to grow in the sport.

·         Any swimmer that qualifies for a state qualifying time is expected to represent our team at the State Championship Meet. Relays are included.


Overview of what happens at practice:

·         Swimmers should arrive 10-15 in advance of practice in order to use the restroom, change, and have cap and/or goggles on and ready to swim at their assigned start time.

·         Parents of younger swimmers are expected to help get their swimmers ready to begin practice.

·         Parents are welcome to sit on the benches or leave the premises during the time their swimmer is in the water.

·         Parents are welcome to talk to coaches AFTER practice to discuss specifics regarding their swimmer.

·         Parents are expected to pick their swimmer up within 10 minutes of scheduled practice end time.  It is not fair to the coaches to keep them waiting.  They are not able to leave until all swimmers have been picked up.

Helpful Terminology