FMC Aquatic Swim Team

FMC Aquatic is a year round competitive swim team and educational swim program.  The organization is a non-profit swim club offering professional coaching and swim instruction for all ages and abilities with the emphasis on developing skills and technique.  FMC Aquatic, a USA Swim team affiliate, promotes discipline, responsibility, respect and integrity amongst its members, while encouraging them to realize their full potential as an athlete. 


Newsletter - 9/3/2021


  Wednesday (11/24) Thursday (11/25) Friday (11/26) Saturday (11/27)
8&Under 1:00-1:55pm (FMC WEST) OFF 11:50-12:50pm (FMC EAST) 11:50-12:50pm (FMC EAST)
9/10 BLUE & RED 2:00-3:30pm (FMC WEST) OFF 11:20-12:50pm (FMC WEST) 11:20-12:50pm (FMC WEST)
11/12 BLUE (Pierre) 3:30-5:15pm (FMC WEST) OFF 9:30-11:10am (FMC EAST) 9:30-11:10am (FMC EAST)
11/12 RED (Adam) 10:20-12:00pm (FMC EAST) OFF 10:15-12:00pm (SUPERIOR) 10:15-12:00pm (SUPERIOR)
13/14 BLUE & RED 10:30-12:15pm (FMC WEST) OFF 9:30-11:20am (FMC WEST) 9:30-11:20am (FMC WEST)
Dryland: 8:30-9:20am
Senior Group 8:30-10:20am (FMC EAST) OFF 7:40-9:30am (FMC EAST) 7:40-9:30am (FMC EAST)
dryland: 9:40-10:40am
National Group 8:30-10:30am (FMCWEST) OFF 7:40-9:30am (FMC WEST)
dryland: 9:40-10:40am
7:40-9:30am (FMC WEST)




FMC Natatorium

275 Plaza Dr.

Westmont, IL 60559

(630) 537-1188

Superior Training

7580 S. Quincy St. 

Willowbrook, IL 60527

(630) 568-3254


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