Illinois Swimming
Level 2
Excellence 300

Respect Senior Groups

This is the top level for our swimmers. Swimmers here will have the opportunity to compete in top-level meets against the best swimmers in the area and country. Swimmers in these groups are expected to take charge of their own swimming success and to be aware that their results are a direct result of their effort.  We have a total of three sub-groups within our senior levels.

  • Respect - 1
  • Respect - 2
  • Respect - 3

Typically there are 50-60 swimmers enrolled in this level each season.


  1. Continue our growth mindset with an emphasis on swimming in high school and college;
  2. Remember and return to the basics of stroke technique frequently;
  3. Embrace the self-motivation, discipline, and work ethic required to fulfill our challenges;
  4. Work together as a team, supporting and encouraging one another;
  5. Expand our dedication to the sport through the support of our younger swimmers and the surrounding community


  1. MUST compete in all coach-required meets including championship meets.

Average Practice Schedule

  1. Fall and Winter Season: __ day per week; __ hours per day.
  2. Summer Season:  __ day per week; __ hours per day.

Respect Lead Age Group Coach: Steve Iida