Illinois Swimming
Level 2
Excellence 300

Tenacious Age Groups

This is a continuation of our intermediate competitive age group, again with paths for both those new and developing in the sport, and those already fully comfortable with competitive swimming. Swimmers here will be fully proficient in all four competitive strokes and show a desire to compete in the sport of swimming.  We have a total of three sub-groups within our 13-14 and under level, often referred to as "13-14U's":

  • Tenacious 1
  • Tenacious 2
  • Tenacious 3

Typically there are 60-80 swimmers enrolled in this level each season.


  1. Continued emphasis on growth through fun, friendship, and love of the water and swimming;
  2. Efforts will focus on creating a growth mindset;
  3. Look not just at results, but at the process we need to apply to reach those results;
  4. Encourage our swimmers to see the possibilities they have within themselves and to create pathways that will lead to their eventual success;
  5. Step into greater levels of challenge and grow the personal strength and work ethic needed to be successful;
  6. Work together to develop the personal responsibility it takes to reach our swimming goals


  1. MUST compete in competitions and qualified championship meets offered throughout the season.
  2. Must compete in one meet per month miniumum, more for higher levels.
  3. Attendance expectation is 80% minimum

Average Practice Schedule

  • Tenacious 1 - 4 practices @ 90 mins per week.
  • Tenacious 2 - 5 practices @ 90 mins per week.
  • Tenacious 3 - 6 practices @ 105 mins per week.

Tenacious Lead Age Group Coach: Callan Heidkamp