Level 2
Excellence 200

Wonder and Mighty Age Groups

These are our entry-level groups for swimmers ages 10 and under.  We have a total of four sub-groups within our 10 and under level, often referred to as "10Us":

  • Wonder 
  • Mighty - 1
  • Mighty - 2
  • Mighty - 3

Typically there are 100-110 swimmers enrolled in this level each season.


  1. Grow through fun, friendship, and love of the water and swimming;
  2. Emphasis on developing great technique and comfort in the water;
  3. Results and championships are welcomed, but for most, will come later.


  1. Must compete in novice, dual and home meets offered.
  2. More competitions are strongly encouraged for the Mighty groups.
  3. Attendance expectations are minimum 50%.

Average Practice Schedule

  1. Fall and Winter Season: __ day per week; __ hours per day.
  2. Summer Season:  __ day per week; __ hours per day.

Wonder and Might Lead Age Group Coach: Kelly Brown