GILLS Return to the Pool Rules

  • Parents should drop swimmers at the front entrance of the facility and not enter the building.  You may pick up your swimmer the same way.  A coach or board member will be present to direct swimmers to the pool and to make sure they do not leave unattended.  We are trying to minimize the number of people necessary in the pool area during practice.  If you have a need to enter the building, please email, call or text a board member before entering the building and we will attempt to find a solution that maximizes safety for all.
  • Swimmer MUST arrive ready to swim.  There will be no changing in locker rooms before or after practice.  Locker rooms will be used for restrooms only and swimmers should attempt to minimize the need for such use as much as possible.  Swimmers should only bring what is absolutely necessary to engage in practice. 
  • Practice groups will be divided so that swimmers from each group leave the pool area before the next group of swimmers enters the pool area.  A Coach or Board Member will be present to instruct each group where to go to ensure safety and minimize confusion.  
  • During practice, half of the swimmers will begin at opposite ends of each lane to minimize the number of people congregating at each end during instructions and between sets ("rest times").  If siblings are in the same practice group, they will be assigned to the same lane in order to maximize the use of lanes for other swimmers who do not reside together.
  • During any dryland activities, swimmers shall maintain a 6' distance between any other swimmer who does not reside in the same home.  In the event multiple swimmers in the same home attend the same practice, they will be placed next to each other in order to maximize use of space while maintaining social distance.
  • Per CDC recommendations, if a swimmer or anyone in their household is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 (fever, cough, shortness of breath, chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell), he or she should stay home until the CDC’s published isolation criteria are met. 
  • Swimmers shall be responsible to bring all of their own equipment including goggles, fins, kick boards, swim caps and water bottles.  Swimmers may not under any circumstances borrow or share these items with another swimmer that does not reside in the same home.  These items should be kept in an orderly fashion and/or labeled so that no swimmers inadvertently takes an item belonging to someone else. 
  • Coaches cannot assist with goggles or swim caps at this time so if your swimmer typically requires assistance with these things, please do this at home and send your swimmer to practice ready to swim. 
  • For all indoor activities including practices, meets, dryland or other such activities, all persons shall wear a face covering when social distancing cannot be properly maintained.  Swimmers may remove their masks before entering the pool but shall replace them when they leave the pool before walking to any other area of the facility.