Illinois Swimming

Parental Involvement 

As in any sports activity, the success of the team not only depends on the skills of the athlete and coach, but on the support system provided by volunteers as well. In order for us to host meets, parental involvement is a requirement. 


Each swim family will be required to work a certain amount of sessions per season.  The number of sessions will be calculated based on the number of meets that we host. 


There are many ways to assist the team: Timing during swim meets, acting as Safety Marshal, helping at the Concession Stand, setup and tear down before and after meets, and many other duties necessary to keep our club running.


Our first hope is that swim families will participate, but we recognize that circumstances can prevent some from fulfilling their obligation in person. For those who can’t fulfill their parental involvement obligations, a buyout in the amount of $400 for the season, or $50 per individual session is available.


Any family not meeting their parental involvement requirements will be assessed a fine of $75 per missed session which must be paid in full prior to the end of the season.