Did you know that our children's times are not registered as “official” with USA Swimming unless there are enough Officials present to certify a meet? The Officials you see on deck are parents, just like you, who volunteer to support their children, their team, and USA Swimming.

LEARN how your child's sport works, and help make sure it's safe, fair and fun for everyone.

HELP fulfill your volunteer duties in a way that's fun, but also strengthens our team culture.

WATCH your swimmer from the best spot in the pool. No more obstructed views!

ENJOY getting to know other swim parents and other teams. New pals await!


Parents may wonder how they can become an Official…

For more information visit Illinois Swimming Officials



1. Background Check

  • You must become a USA Swimming member and USA Swimming requires that Non-Athlete members pass a background check.

2. Training Clinic

  • Attend a “New Official's Training Clinic”. The Illinois Swimming Officials Committee conducts clinics periodically in various locations. Clinics occur in a classroom setting and include a practical pool session.

3. Register

  • Register as a Non-Athlete on the Illinois Swimming website.
  • A USA Swimming non-athlete membership is required for the following steps.

4. Online Training/Testing

6. On Deck Training Sessions

  • Stroke and Turn Official: Four (4) training sessions required from 3 meets with at least 2 different trainers.
  • Adminstrative Official: Three (3) training sessions required from 2 meets, one at a multi-session meet, with at least 2 different trainers.

7. Certification

  • Occurs after successful completion of the Training Clinic, USA Swimming on-line tests, and training sessions.
  • You will receive a USA Swimming “Official's” membership card from the Chair of the Illinois Swimming Official's Committee.

8. Fees (HPAC reimburses fees)

  • Training clinic fee: $35
  • Background check fee: $38
  • USA Swimming annual Non-Athlete member registration fee: $79
    • Registration after September 1st is valid through December of the following year.
    • Membership includes USA Swimming Insurance and a Rule Book.

9. Other Expectations

  • Age: Minimum of 18 years
  • Attire: Solid navy-blue skirt, shorts or pants, white collared shirt and white shoes
  • Attitude: Positive attitude, willingness to volunteer, and dedication

For more information, please contact the Official's Committee at [email protected] or visit the Illinois Swimming Official's page