Parental volunteering is essential for HPAC to be the best team possible. It is a great way to support your child(ren) and create a community by getting to know other swim families.

E-mail coach Jory to join the committee of your choice.

Concessions Committee
Procures and sells food and beverages at home swim meets as a service to our guests and a fundraiser for the team.

Fundraising Committee
Solicits donations, secures sponsorships, and runs fundraisers to financially support our team.

Hospitality Committee
Provides meals and refreshments for coaches and officials at our home meets.

Officials are trained and certified through Illinois Swimming to certify legal swim at meets.

Social Committee
Plans social activities for HPAC swimmers and families in addition to the annual banquet.

Spirit Wear/Team Picture Committee
Designs and sells team-branded merchandise and organizes a team picture.

Tech Committee
Improves our website, explore an online calendar, and manage social media.

Volunteer Committee
Ensure there are sufficient parent volunteers for hosted and away meets, track volunteer hours by family, and coordinate with other committees to cover and volunteer needs they may have. The Coordinator also shifts volunteers into the most mission-critical positions.