HPAC Holiday Break - REMINDERS

Jory Blauer


Parents, our Holiday Break training schedule has been added to our online calendars, CLICK HERE (NOTE: you must be logged into your HPAC account to view calendars).

Growing up in the swimming world as a swimmer and now as a coach, Holiday Breaks are the best time to add extra swimming!  No school to work around, swimmers have extra time and energy to put in the water.  Extra training over the Holiday Break can help a swimmer move to the next level:  1) move up to the next HPAC group, 2) make an ISI Regional qualifying time, 3) make a Senior Champs or Age Group Champs qualifying time.

Please remember, if you will be out of town over the Holiday Break, we can arrange training for your swimmer!  It is important (especially for our Giants, Giants Elite & SR swimmers) to stay in touch with the water.  1 week and 2 week breaks away from the water in the middle of a season can really affect a swimmer's performance.



  • HPHS will be closed on Monday, December 20 & Tuesday, December 21 - NO HPAC PRACTICES
  • Added GE & SR AM Practice on Thursday, December 23
  • Also, there may be more changes to come - DHS will be closed on December 27th & 28th and the DHS Boys swim team will be training at HPHS - We will have to work around their schedule.
  • Senior & GE Groups have doubles on Mondays & Wednesdays.
  • Mini Giants & Little Giants will have COMBINED workouts and we added an extra 15 minutes!!!
  • Mighty Giants & Giants will have COMBINED workouts and we have added an extra 15 minutes for Giants and 30 minutes for MG!!!
  • We are off on Dec 24, Dec 25 and Jan 1 for the Holidays.
  • December 31st:  We will have a special ALL TEAM HPAC New Year's Eve practice.  DON'T MISS IT - IT WILL BE FUN!!!