COHO IMX - Meet Wrap-up & Results

Jory Blauer

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed in the COHO IMX meet this past weekend, HPAC had an amazing meet!  HPAC swimmers had SOOOOO MANY new best times, see below for a list of our swimmers who got a BINGO!  A special shout out to Sam Moreau-Krone who posted 2 Age Group Championship times, his first ones!  WAY TO GO SAM!  HPAC was one of the largest teams at the meet and we made our presence known.  It was a sea of HPAC BLUE at the meet!

Parents, you can view results from the meet & swimmers improvements over their previous best times - HERE - this link is located on our live website under the tab "Team Info" >> "Meet Results".

** Parents, the DQ codes are listed with the results.  Our coaching staff is working hard each night with our beginner swimmers to develop the proper skills to avoid DQs.  Parents, this takes time please be patient.

** You can read the "light" version of USA Swimming's rule book - CLICK HERE.  This is a 100 page version of the larger rule book which covers all the rules enforced by USA Swimming at competitions.  


100% IMPROVEMENTS - Improved on every swim

The following swimmers made time improvements on all of their swims, what we as coaches lovingly call BINGO!  This is an amazing list of HPAC swimmers for this meet, we are seeing so much improvement as a team!

Andrew Blauer, Andreja Bursac, Emma Chupack, Eli Cohen, Khloe Daum, Reese DePodesta, Julian Dubrin-Meneses, Max Egenthal, Mazzy Egenthal, Jonny Faust, Julia Faust, Jackson Ganahl, Cameron Graff, Alex Hernandez, Harry Hirsch, Alden Hoffman, Audrey Hoffman, Josh Hoy, Lily Keating, Annabelle Korach, Nathan Lee, Noah Marks, Alex Mendoza, Alex Molina, Evelyn Muelver, Domingo Nicolaz-Davidson, Patryk Nowak, Noa Pearl, Alexandra Phillips, Benji Pina, Elena Polivka, Josh Ruderman, Juliana Rush, Alexander Saparevski, Nathan Saparevski, Daniel Stetsyuk, Amelia Szumski, Sam Tolpin, Sebastian Trybus, Jack Turner, Lila Turner, Alex Umansky & Alyssa Zejer.  WAY TO GO SWIMMERS!!!



The following swimmers set new HPAC Team Records! 


Marisa Miller:  13-14  200 Backstroke 2:11.99   &  13-14  500 Freestyle 5:20.28




The following swimmers have earned Swimmer of the Meet.  This is an award the coaching staff will give to 1 or more swimmers in each training group who display the following during the meet: 1) Outstanding swims, 2) Outstanding improvements in time or technique, 3) Outstanding sportsmanship and 4) Outstanding team camaraderie.  The Swimmer of the Meet will receive a unique, one of a kind HPAC cap - NOTE: they have not arrived yet, we will give them out as soon as they arrive.


Mini Giants - Audrey Hoffman

Little Giants - Alex Hernandez

Mighty Giants - Johan Chalom & Dylan Mucha

Giants - Sam Moreau-Krone

Giants Elite - Patryk Nowak & Nathan Lee

Senior -Marisa Miller

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