Volunteer Signup - Just a few Timing Spots left

Jory Blauer

Parents, We have just a few timing spots open in SESSION 4 & SESSION 5. 

Are there any parents timing or doing another volunteer job in Session 4 that are willing to stick around to help time Session 5?

Any parents not yet working in session 4 that can help out with timing?


SESSION 2:  Saturday afternoon with 8&Unders & 13&Overs

SESSION 4:  Sunday afternoon with 8&Unders & 13&Overs

SESSION 5:  Distance session Sunday evening


REMEMBER:  NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED AT THIS MEET - NO EXCEPTIONS.  The only way to waatch your swimmer is to volunteer to help run the meet.



CLICK HERE to signup for a volunteer position (you must be signed into your HPAC account)

CLICK HERE for volunteer position details & instructions 


Our HPAC entries are done and you can view your swimmer's events on the meet landing page, CLICK HERE