On December 7, 2009, the Hornet Swim Club sustained the tragic loss of our Head Coach - Bryan "Beanie" Bateman. Bryan‘s smile, his easy-going way and his love for swimming and the Hornets will never be forgotten. Bryan swam competitively for over 17 years. He swam for 4 of those years at Hinsdale Central High School. Retired from swimming in 2001, Bryan was an 11 time state champion, 7 time state record holder, and 2 time 20 and Under National Champion with one 20 and Under national record.

Each year the Hornet Swim Club Coaches award one swimmer with our annual Beanie Award.  The swimmer chosen to receive this award exemplifies the qualities that Beanie as well as the coaches that followed looked for in a swimmer.  Hard work, being a great teammate, dedication to the sport, and a great attitude in the water.

Beanie Award Winners


2022: Andrea Paradis

2021: Madeline Padavic

2019: Mary Davenport

2018: Jessica Phillips

2017: Alison Dry

2016: Lexie Smith

2015: Adam Andrews

2014: Anna Gruchala

2013: Tommy Gruchala

2012: Alex Knutte

2011: Brian Portland