Illinois Swimming

Fall-Winter 2022-23 Season

Open for Returning Members

8/25/22 - 3/9/23

Open for New Members

8/25/22 - 3/9/23


Welcome to the Iguanas Swim Club 2022-23 season! 

Registration here for swimming and water polo at Jones Prep and swimming at Roosevelt High - to register your swimmer must 

   1. Have prior swim team or extensive lessons experience and

   2. Have the approval to register from the volunteer Roosevelt coordinator ([email protected]) or Coach Mac ([email protected]) for the Jones program.

   3. All high school  and age group competitive swimmers at Roosevelt must have a USA Swimming membership. NEW THIS YEAR: families must follow the instructions HERE to get a USA Swimming renewal or membership. Watch the video and follow the instructions carefully before contacting the staff for help.


We are currently full for grammer school age swimmers at the Roosevelt location but have plenty of space at Jones.

In order to register for a tryout please complete this registration form and then select "TRYOUT" for your registration group (there will be no charge until your swimmer is accepted to the team). You will then be contacted for the tryout via email once we begin the program.


Before registration make sure you understand that refunds are offered for illness and injury, or cancellations due to Covid (where the team is able to make refunds) . By registering you also agree that:

  •  The Iguanas believe in positive coaching and expects famlies to support and encourage their swimmers as well as teamates and other member families. 

Please also make sure to set up team text messaging for important alerts like pool closings. After you register to set up text messaging please add a phone number under your account profile by clicking ADD SMS.