Illinois Swimming
  • USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP : All members except for High School Water Polo at Jones members will need a USA Swim Membership.Members that had a card last winter will need to renew it by the end of this month. In past years we could take care of this process for our members by applying a fee at registration and then sending in our batches electronically as a group to Illinois Swimming. We can no longer do this! Parents will have to follow the instructions below to register. Please look at all the info and watch the preview videos on USA Swimming Site before registering. If you have questions or difficulty then email Coach Courtney at[email protected] 
  • Please note that families that paid the $200 registration fee for September will now pay a half price fee for October of $80 since you will have to pay the $83 mmebership fee for your swimmers on your own.


Step 1: Create a new parent account login: go to
-This will be a completely new login even if you've had an account or ID with them so click on "create a new login" and follow the prompts.
Step 2: After you have created a parent family account you can add your family members and then either register them as a "premium athlete" or "outreach athlete" (discounted price).
  IF YOUR Swimmer HAD A PREVIOUS USA SWIMMING MEMBERSHIP: Ask for a NEW MEMBER ID by clicking on    USE ADDITIONAL INFO or use the Iguanas List HERE       -> this is NOT your swimmers' old USA Swimming ID number but a new ID you MUST request or input.  I   F YOUR swimmer is new: Ask for a NEW MEMBER ID by clicking on USE ADDITIONAL INFO and follow all prompts.
Iguanas Link for regular athlete memberships. Select "Premium Athlete".


- After you have completed your swimmer's profile with ID # you can check out and pay. The team will be notified automatically of your registration so no need to send us a receipt.