Collegiate Recruiting: Swimming in College (PDF)

Be Proactive

  • Reach out – Be professional
    • GPA, ACT, SAT, etc. (as applicable)
    • Share top times
      • Make the recruiting coaches jobs easier! 
    • If it is a program you are interested in – FOLLOW UP
    • Express yourself, who you are, and what you are looking for
    • Share / Send competitive videos
  • Recruit the coaches you want to swim for:
    • Learn about coaching styles, techniques, program
    • Find schools with appropriate academic opportunities
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
    • As you build the relationship, you should feel confident/comfortable reaching out with questions
  • Don’t be discouraged
    • You will hear NO and you will have to say NO
  • Don’t burn bridges! 
    • Maintain the relationships you build! 

Recruiting begins for Sophomores – June 15th

  • Electronic Communication
    • Phone (Call/Text)
    • Email
    • Social Media – DM
    • Verbal Offer

Recruiting Activities begin for Juniors – August 1st

  • Campus Visits
    • Official Visit
      • 1 Per School
      • Trip is paid for by University
        • Transportation to and from campus
        • 3 Meals per day for both athlete and parent
        • Reasonable Entertainment – including 5 complimentary tickets to a home sporting event
    • Unofficial Visit
      • Paid for by athletes / family
      • Up to 3 complimentary tickets for home sporting event
  • Off-Campus Contact

College Recruiting can begin at any point (Parents / Coaches) can directly reach out to University for information about their programs

Juniors & Seniors:

  • Juniors can only Verbal
  • Seniors may sign National Letter of Intent (NLI)
    • Typically, the 2nd Wednesday of November (Senior year)


Each Athlete has a limit of 7 recruiting opportunities (per school) throughout the year – Face to Face and/or Evaluation counts as a recruiting opportunity.  Evaluations during the summer months (June, July, August) do not count. 


NCAA Eligibility Center:

  • Certifies athlete is academically and athletically eligible
    • Academics through transcripts, test scores, etc.
      • Must work with HS Counselors
    • Athletics through amateurism based on past competition report
  • Provides list of tasks that must be completed in order to be CLEARED
  • Once you have been cleared, you become eligible to receive scholarship offers and participate in Collegiate Athletics



  • Broken up into Equivalences / Percentages
    • Percentages are decided by coaches
  • Academic scholarships are specific to each school
  • There is usually some wiggle room and negotiation that takes place with scholarships


Please be aware that while much of the advice provided here is relevant for all levels, this document was created specifically targeting Division 1 collegiate athletics.  


For additional assistance, a sample letter of introduction, or help contacting coaches/schools please reach out to Coach Joey ([email protected]).