Meet Fee PolicyAthletes/Families are responsible for paying all meet fees for sessions registered for.  If an athlete has an injury and is unable to compete, meet fees will be refunded if a doctor's note is submitted.  If a swimmer is ill the day of a meet, he/she is still responsible for paying all associated fees.  

Volunteer Policy: Volunteering is an important part of being a member of LYONS Aquatics.  We cannot run successful meets and events without the help of our tremendous parent group!  LYONS Aquatics families are required to volunteer at all hosted meets and tournaments for which their athlete is competing.  Below, please see the Volunteer Obligations at our three large, hosted meets this season:

  • TYR LYONS Senior Sprint – 1 Volunteer Position
  • TYR LYONS Pride – 1 Volunteer Position
  • TYR LYONS Classic (Prelim/Final) – 2 Volunteer Positions

Families will be required to fulfill 1 Volunteer Position at all hosted Water Polo Tournaments for which their athlete is competing.  

Failure to fulfill volunteer obligations or not showing up for a volunteer assignment will result in a $200.00 fine.  Athletes may be barred from competition until such fine is paid. 

Swim Meet - FAQ - this document contains how to register for meets, find athlete's events and what to expect on meet day.  

2022-23 Short Course Meet & Game Schedule

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