LYONS Water Polo - HS & Age Group Practices

Open for Returning Members

6/22/20 - 7/5/20


High School & Age Group Water Polo - Summer 2020

Age Group Location: Village Field Club (VFC) - 1651 Forest Rd., La Grange Park, IL 60526

Facility Map - VFC

High School Location: MAX Aquatics - 4751 Vernon Ave., McCook, IL 60525

Facility Map - MAX

Arrival Departure Procedures: 

1. Pre-Practice Health Check MUST be completed prior to athletes arriving each day. 

2. Parents will remain in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up.

3. Athletes, wearing a facial covering, enter one at a time while remaining 6-feet apart. 

4. Athletes will enter and exit at designated areas.

5. Athletes will arrive at the facility dressed and prepared for activity.  Lockers rooms will NOT be available; NO deck changing. 

6. Coaches, wearing a facial covering, will take athletes' temperature prior to entering the facility.  Temperatures must be below 100.4F. 

7. Athletes and Coaches will maintain social distance while at the facility.

8. Athletes should bring their own water bottles and training equipment.  They will not be allowed to share with their peers.  No food will be allowed. 

9. Each athlete will have their own sanitized area to place their equipment. 

10. Bathrooms may be used for emergencies, one at a time, and athletes should bring their own hand sanitizer. 

11. Athletes will be expected to depart promptly, wearing facial coverings following their practice, exiting the facility at least 6-feet apart. 

12. Athletes and Families that do not follow these rules will forfeit their ability to join these practices and no refunds will be issued.  

These rules are for the health and safet of all athletes, coaches, parents, extended family members, and other persons with compromised immune systems.  No warnings will be given, and no second chances.  


Practice Schedule

Season Fees - Season Fees are higher than average due to increased pool rental costs