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LFSC Warrior Wednesday

One of our fun LFSC traditions is Warrior Wednesday, part of our long course (summer) training schedule. Each Wednesday we challenge the entire team with a special practice designed to test our physical and/or mental toughness. Post practice we celebrate our success over an on-deck breakfast provided by several parents. It's fun and a great team builder for everyone.

A favorite part of the tradition is when Coach Michael gives each swimmer their own special Warrior Name!


Robin Bender   Rockin' Rainbow
Chris Benevidas   Wild Mountain
David Benevidas   Dancing Bulldog
Katie Borgerding   Prancing Pinto
Connor Boyle   Fire Snake
Brendan Burke   Coyote Chaser
Amanda Chang   Painted Pony
Coach Cindy   Chief Barking Raven
Thomas Dupont   Howling Mountain
Morgan Fitzgerald   Galloping Seahorse
Gracie Florlenza   Ruby Rattlesnake
Wyatt Foss   Drifting Raincloud
Ibrahim Hashim   Dancing Iguana
Catherine Holecek   Flaming Jaguar
Joseph Holecek   Leaf Beetle
Zachary Holecek   Soaring Cactus
Elyse Jacobs   Serpent With Shiny Feathers
Filip Jezewski   Smoking Cactus
Matt King   Chief Rattlebone
Pat King   Squirrel Stomper
MaryGrace King   Emerald Caterpillar
Madison King   Diving Blue Jay
Rasmus Kull Metsur   Towering Teepee
Bryan Kupperman   Mighty Dragonfly
Coach Michael   Chief Grunting Grizzly
Aliah Levinson   Galloping Raincloud
Isabella Lewin   Jade Tiger
Coach Laurel  
Chief Tigress With Painted Paws
Ben Longeway   Thunder Eagle
Janine Loveland   Flaming Frog
Anna Manning   Flying Tomahawk
Cleo Meyer   Shimmering Swan
Cassidy Meyer   Brave Serpent
Samantha Michal   Singing Tigeress
E.B. Poska   Brave Unicorn
Fred Schuster   Fly Master
Coach Maureen   Chief Wolf Herder
Nate Steele   Whispering Badger
Rachel Stoehr   Wonder Star
Kalla Sturonas   Dancing Waterfall
Rachel Tobler   Rainbow Chaser
Delaney Umbleby   Whistling Thunder Hawk
Michael Van Antwerp   Diving Eagle
Rahul Vepuri   River Wolf
Megha Vepuri   Shimmering Sunflower
Elise Vondra   Screaming Volcano
Brooklyn Williams   Bright Sunrise
Audrey Zimmerman   Tumbling Stream