Mark your calendar for October 15 & 17 and the 2019 LFSC Duck-A-Thon! This is our swimmer's opportunity to show their support for their team raising funds while testing their skills, endurance and toughness in a fun team environment.


Our team goal this season is to raise $4500, in part to purchase  backstroke "ledges". Backstroke ledges are used for teaching backstroke starts and preventing slippage during the start. Thank you for your support!

Need even more motivation? . . . check out the cool swimmer prizes in the Duck-A-Thon information packet. 


Here's the schedule for the Duck-A-Thon (all squads, 6:15pm at LF College): 

          Oct 15 (Senior/Bronze Squads)

          Oct 17 (Mighty Ducks, Yellow, Green Squads)


Download info and donor packet here. 

Donate here ===>


The Lake Forest Swim Club is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. All donations are deductible under current IRS regulations.