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Two Tough Ducks

It was a daily honor to coach these guys. Olympians Doug Lennox (2008, Puerto Rico) and Conor Dwyer (2008, 2012, USA). They had some tough training days in the pool for sure, but never two in a row.


Conor Recounts His Early Years At LFSC

Check out this article about Conor's recent visit in this week's Lake Forester. Here's a sampling . . .

Q-- How did a club like Lake Forest Swim Club help you get to where you are today?

A-- “They showed me how training hard can help me accomplish anything. This is where I learned to train hard and push myself day in and day out.”


Fun Day In Practice!

We had a great training session on Friday when all of our college swimmers returned to the pond. Our Olympic Gold Medal teammate, Conor Dwyer, not only ripped through about 9000 meters but stayed to teach the Mighty Ducks, Yellow and Green Squad swimmers. Conor's insights into the Olympics, training and what steps he took along the way were invaluable. CD will be around for a few days then off to the US Nationals in Austin.





Following The Dream From LFSC To The Top

Matt Grevers shares his love of community, family and swimming in Forest & Bluff magazine.



Conor Dwyer Day In Winnetka!


Click picture to go to the Chicago Tribune article.


Got Olympians? Here's The Future . . . Maybe . . .


Every four years the world celebrates the greatness of athletic achievement at the Olympic Games. For 16 days the world stops as even the most casual sports fans from around the world become enthralled watching the Olympic Dreams play out in the 30-some sports of the Games.

Watching this year was especially exciting for members of the Lake Forest Swim Club Ducks as one current member, Conor Dwyer, lined up for two events in London. What could be more exciting?

Why, posing for a pic with Conor's Olympic flag!!!

Join us for our New Swimmer Evaluaions!

Read all about it on!


Thank You,  Conor!

All LFSC members are invited to a special "Thank You, Conor" event on Tuesday, 7 August, at the Lake Bluff Park District pool. Regular practice (5:00pm start) will be interrupted briefly to take a team picture behind the Olympic flag he sent to the club.

Please wear a LFSC t-shirt, any will do.


You can find all of our Olympic coverage using the link below.

LFSC 2012 Olympic Landing Page


Eadie Wetzel, 1968 Olympian and World Record Holder

Eadie Wetzel swam on the 1968 US Olympic Team and set the World Record in the 200 freestyle. Her time, 2:08.8 (stopwatches only registered to 10th's in '68), set in Lincoln, Nebraska, was a World Record leading to the Games in Mexico City.

Here's some video we tracked down . . .



Be Sure To Watch The Video

Chicago Tribune reporter Lisa Black visited with the Holecek family and followed up with a practice visit. Here's the online article link, also found on page 4 of the Saturday (4 August) Chicago Tribune. You may have to become a digital subscriber to read/watch. It's free and it looks like you can opt out of the marketing stuff. Yana Dessev flirts with stardom at the 1:10 mark of the video.,0,1287794.story?dssReturn