LFSC swimmers know that fitness is a lifestyle. When Ducks aren't fit they get quankee, westless, and drive others quazee! Operation FastDuck is the secret LFSC Team Training and Togetherness program that keeps us in healthy, fit, and in touch with each other. Remember: a fit Duck is a happy Duck!

20/March 2020 -- As we face tremendous uncertainty it is important that we do all we can to stay healthy, help others stay healthy, and maintain our strong positive outlook for the future. Swimming is both a BIG part of our lives and a small part. Keep perspective, stay positive, guard your health, and be ready for future greatness!

Breaks in training are important for physical healing and regeneration, mental release and recharge, and long term love for our sport. Good breaks are part of the training and development plan, typically between seasons or major competitions. Bad breaks are the ones that are not part of the training and development plan such as mid-season vacations, long term illness or injury, and simple poor attendance.

You can see that some bad breaks are not always under our control (illiness, injury, e.g.), and some good breaks can become bad breaks (the current covid-19 pandemic). Mitigating the affects of interruptions to your training is possible and the goal of Operation FastDuckBuild your personal fitness plan from the resources below and stay on the Healthy Lifestyle path.

If you have questions or need a little extra help send a note to lfsc@swimlfsc.org and you will get an answer w/in 48 hours. Swimmers, remember to copy one of your parents in your note.

Peloton App -- Right now one of the best and most complete programs available. Peloton has made the app available free of charge for 90 days.  There are quite a few classes and pre-set programs to explore. Find the app in your smartphone app store or these links

Apple App Store          Google Play Store

Highly recommended ... Coach Michael is using it so he doesn't go quazee right now!

There is no Fitness Fairy!

Operation FastDuck Tips

1   Follow common sense and good health practices.

2   Clear all activities with your parents BEFORE you start your new program.

3   Younger or inexperienced swimmers should ask a parent for help building a program. (HINT: this is a great family activity!)

4   Be consistent. Fitness-- strength, coordination, cardio-- is a building process. Consistency is the only successful way.

5   Prioritize:

​* heart and lungs (cardio)

* joint stability

* flexibility

* core

* indestructible shoulders

* general muscle strength

* swimming muscle strength

LFSC Vacation Practices -- Coach Michael's best advice if you have to miss practices due to family travel plans ... find a team. Practicing with others is ALWAYS easier than practicing alone. One of your coaches will be happy to assist you in finding a team, just ask at least 10 days in advance of your travels. If you can't find a team AND you have the personal discipline to practice solo, download one of the programs below.

* National/Senior Squad

* Bronze Squad

* Green Squad

* Yellow Squad

LFSC Dryland Program -- Coach Longeway has put together several very good dryland programs to keep you strong and fit. You can't go wrong staying in touch with these new programs.

* Download Program #1 Here -- Dynamic Warm-up, Med Ball, Jump Rope

* Download Program #2 Here


Other stuff to explore

Coach Nadine Day -- Coach Nadine is a PT in downstate Illinois and longtime friend from the international swimming arena. She sent these to us, take a look.

* Swiss Ball Exercises   https://youtu.be/u6v1anQIp2Y

* Lower Body Exercises   https://youtu.be/zc_RkjNYHJY
* Power Link Exercises   https://youtu.be/rwnXtb6IULk
* Core Exercises   https://youtu.be/GsjLZSHCqE4
* Upper Body-Shoulder Exercises   https://youtu.be/hglNfMyv_EE
Coach Mike Price -- Coach Mike is a coaching friend from Abu Dhabi, UAE. He sent these along with instructions to do each the exercises 3 times daily. It's fun to see what swimmers around the world do so check it out. This is a simple, basic program suitable for all swimmers but especially novices and younger swimmers