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Mighty Ducks Waitlist

Currently IL COVID restrictions prevent us from running this program but please join our waitlist! We are hopeful that restriction will ease soon and we will be able to get our Mighty Ducks back in the water. By joining our waitlist you will be the first to know!

Love to swim? Ready to learn to swim like a Champion?

If you said ?YES!? then you are ready for our Mighty Ducks Squad. In the Mighty Ducks you will learn advanced competitive stroke skills, starts and turns.
The Mighty Ducks squad is for young swimmers (generally 5-10 yrs) who have progressed beyond basic swim lessons and would like to make further progress to our competitive team.

Swimmers in the Mighty Ducks must be at least 5 years old,and be able to complete the following abilities:

- 25 meters of freestyle with correct side breathing and arms completely out of the water

- 25 meters of backstroke with horizontal body position, arms out of the water and a basic backstroke kick

- comfort in a group learning environment, basic "Water Smarts" and be able to use a kickboard

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Mini Ducks Waitlist

Currently under IL COVID restrictions we are unable to run the Mini Ducks Program however please join our wailtist! We are hopeful that when restriction ease we will be able to get our Mini Ducks back in the water. By joining our waitlist you will be the first to know when our programs restart.

The Mini Ducks is an advanced swim lesson for children ages 5+ who are comfortable (floating) in the water but have not mastered arm strokes and breathing in freestyle or backstroke arms and kicking. In addition these swimmers need basic "Water Smarts" and are able to use a kickboard.

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