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We are expanding our team in the coming season with roster slots in the Novice, Age Group, Senior, and National Squads. The first step for prospective members ages 12&younger is to schedule a skills assessment with an LFSC coach. 

  • To schedule an evaluation on please click ===> HERE
  • To be placed on the Wait List for the Mini or Mighty Ducks programs please click ===> HERE (updated info coming soon)
  • To sign up for our mailing list please click ===> HERE

High school and college-age swimmers should send a note to Coach Laurel Whittington to learn about options for joining the team.

Important notes for New Swimmer Evaluations  ...

We are still subject to COVID health protocols at this time. These make the evaluation process a bit more complicated and we ask that you be flexible and patient through the process. Please observe:

  • face masks must be worn in the building and pool except while swimming;
  • parents/spectators are not permitted in the building at this time;
  • locker room use is not available, swimmers must arrive and leave in their suit;
  • swimmers will have a helper to get them to the pool and back to the exit when they are done.

The entire Evaluation process takes about 15 minutes but may take longer with these new COVID protocols. Our coaches will contact you following the evaluation to tell you what squad your swimmer is placed in and the next steps to becoming a new FastDuck.

Current LFSC FastDucks do not need further evaluation as this is a part of daily practice sessions.