Developmental Programs

The Mini Ducks  is an advanced swim lesson for children ages 5+ who are comfortable (floating) in the water but have not mastered arm strokes and breathing in freestyle or backstroke arms and kicking. In the Mini Ducks we build learning and listening skills, let children explore basic aquatic movement, and put them on a path to joining the swim team.


The Mighty Ducks squad is for young swimmers ages 5-10 yrs who have progressed beyond basic swim lessons and would like to make further progress to our competitive team. Swimmers in the Mighty Ducks must be at least 5 years old, complete a skill evaluation, and be able to swim 25 meters of freestyle and backstroke with fundamental stroke integrity.


At this time we are unable to offer our Developmental Programs.  To be placed on our wait list, please go ==> HERE

Age Group and Novice Squads

The Novice Squad is for swimmers ages 7-12 years. Previous swim team experience is not required. All swimmers must be able to independently enter/exit the building independently and use the bathroom as no parents or spectators are permitted in the building at this time.

Minimum skill requirements for all swimmers in the Novice Squad are listed below:

  • ability to participate in a structured group learning environment
  • appropriate personal independence
  • demonstrated competency in performing all four competitive strokes

The Age Group Squad is our "meat and potatoes" squad for swimmers ages 9-13 years. Previous swim team experience is recommended but not required. Competition attendance and performance goals are necessary for progress to our Senior Squads.

All swimmers must be able to consistently demonstrate all fundamental stroke skills and the following:

  • 8x100 scm freestyle @ 2:30
  • 100 scm kick for all competitive strokes
  • 50 scm swim for all competitive strokes
  • 200 IM with reasonable skill integrity

Our Age Group Squad prepares young swimmers for future success as a Senior swimmer. This is the place where Olympic Dreams are forged!

Senior and National Squads

The Senior Squad is for swimmers age 13 and older with previous swim team experience. Competition attendance and performance goals are required in the Senior Squad.  Swimmers will compete in various competitions at the local, state and regional level.

All swimmers must be able to consistently demonstrate all fundamental stroke skills and the following:

  • 16x100 scm freestyle @ 1:55
  • 8x100 scm kick @ 2:30
  • 400 scm freestyle @ 7:00
  • 5x200 IM scm @ 3:45

National Squad

The National Squad is a very demanding highly specialized elite squad for swimmers striving to achieve in National level competition. This squad is by invitation only and requires a level of fitness and commitment consistent with the demands of elite-level swimming. Competition attendance at National level competitions, if qualified, is required.

The minimum requirements for the National Squad are listed below:

  • age 12
  • achieve at least 1 Sectional qualifying standard
  • college swimmers
  • commit to the full training and competition program required for elite performance
  • invitation from Coach Michael

New swimmers must first have a New Swimmer evaluation with Coach Laurel.  

To schedule an evaluation please go ===> HERE. 

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