Our Competitive Squads are now open for registration.  New swimmer evaluations are by appointment only.

 Click here to schedule an appointment with Coach Laurel


We currently have a limited number of slots available for our Mighty Ducks program.  Please schedule an evaluation with Coach Laurel if interested.  We will not be able to offer our Mini Ducks program at this time.

To keep up to date on the status of these programs, please keep checking this website and go HERE to sign up for our mailing list.  Thank you for your understanding.




It's great to hear from another prospective LFSC FastDuck! Tryout Tuesdays are the days we set aside for skill assessment and readiness evaluations for young swimmers. It is very important that your child start their swimming experience in a group aligned with their age, ability, experience, and readiness.
The entire Tryout Tuesday process takes about 15 minutes but may take longer if we have several swimmers to evaluate. At the conclusion of Tryout Tuesday we will tell you what squad your swimmer is best to start in and the next steps to becoming a new FastDuck.
Some important notes:
*   if you are inquiring about the Mini Ducks, no evaluation is needed. Paste the url below to register for the next session of Mini Ducks.
*   if you are currently on the team you do not need to go to Tryout Tuesday as our coaches evaluate and place swimmers throughout the season.
*   all other squads on our team require a visit to Tryout Tuesday, please complete this form.
*   on your scheduled day please arrive at the pool 15 minutes early; locker rooms are available at the pool for your swimmer.
*   practices are generally underway and you will be required to sit on the sideline bench during this assessment.