LHSC offers training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Please call us at 815-588-8402 to schedule a tryout, or Click Here to send us an email request for more information.


Bronze Group

This is our entry level group. An athlete needs to at least swim freestyle and backstroke the length of the pool without stopping.
Bronze Group Coach: Coach Mo, Coach Mike, Coach Ally, Coach Jill, Coach Savita
Workout Days/Times: 3-5 days a week. 5:30pm-6:30pm

Silver Group

From the Bronze group, athletes move into this group. Athletes in this group must be able to demonstrate all 4 competitive strokes, flipturns and, legal/safe start. 10 x 50's @ 1min
Silver Group Coach: Coach Mo, Coach Mike, Coach Ally, Coach Jill
Workout Days/Times: 6:30pm- 7:45pm

Gold Group

From the Silver group, athletes move into this group. Athletes in this group are usually at least 11 years old and have completed the Silver Group move-up skills list. Competing at swim meets is highly encouraged at a rate of about once per month.
Gold Group Coach: Coach Mo, Coach Mike, Coach Ally
Workout Days/Times: 7:30pm-9:15pm

Gold Elite Group

Minimum age for entry into this group is 12 (girls) or 13 (boys). Athletes entering the Senior group must display a strong desire to perform at the highest level they are capable of. Training is geared towards individual talents, although a strong aerobic endurance factor is present.  Minimum training sets include:

10x100 @ 1:15
4x200IM @3:15

High Performance Group Coach: Coach Mo & Coach Mike
Workout Days/Times: 7:30-9:15pm + Dryland