MMAC Team Updates & Coaching Announcment

Nicole Thompson

Dear Parents,

First, I hope this e-mail finds you all healthy and safe. I just wanted to provide you with some team updates as we are adjusting to our new normal at this point. Please note that I am still moving forward with team projects and working towards getting out facilities ready for summer. Below you will find some important information about our team as a whole along with updates for the summer season.

  1. I would like to start this e-mail by formally announcing Hannah Lange as the new head coach of the McHenry Marlins Aquatic Club. I know that the last year we had some unknowns, and I was diligently searching to fill this role. I want to start by Thanking All of You and our current coaching staff for assisting and sticking through this transition. Hannah brings her competitive nature and swimming knowledge to continue our overall team growth and vision into the future. I will be training Hannah behind the scenes and look forward to helping her grow in her professional career. In her new role, I look forward to watching Hannah develop training plans and team goals for our upcoming seasons. I appreciate all her assistance in the last year to ensure our continued success. The entire coaching staff, Hannah, and I will be working to bring our team vision to life and support every swimmer as a whole. Below is a message from Hannah along with her contact information. I will still be around to support this team and stopping in to see my swim family. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Hannah or me directly. Hannah and I will start meeting at the start of May to ensure we can hit the ground running when restrictions are lifted.

A message from Hannah: Hello Everyone, 

    I hope that this email is finding you all in good shape and spirits. I am very excited to be announcing that I have accepted the Head Coach position at McHenry. I would like to thank those of you who have helped me through this process, as well as thank all of your children for bringing me a new level of love back to the sport of swimming. I cannot wait for the season to start and to continue the immense strides that have already been made in the team's continued improvement. I started my swim career as a Marlin and I am happy to begin this new part of my life as one. Information about the season will be coming once me and Nicole know more. Until then, if you need to contact me my email is . If it is something of an urgent matter and you need an answer right away, I can be reached by phone at 847-312-6656. I look forward to seeing you and your children as soon as possible, and cannot wait to get back on the pool deck.

Thank you, 

    Coach Hannah Lange

  1. I would like to give everyone an updated on our current plan for the upcoming season.

    1. Pool Renovations – Currently, we have been making renovations to the pool which should allow us to open on time. The current improvements include parking lot lights, concrete work on the gutters, and installing a new pool liner. I will be working at the facilities as well to get the interior and exteriors ready to open. We will plan on a Memorial Day opening weekend which would be contingent on state and national guidelines.

    2. Team Season Timelines – I have updated the information on the website, and I will continue to create events for the summer. Currently, I don’t see us starting until after Memorial Day. With the high school being closed and athletics canceled, they would have no reason to keep their pool operational. So, we will plan on starting outside on Tuesday, May 26 in the AM. The new price of the season will be the $315/R-$325/NR for the entire 2020 summer season.

    3. Registering for Summer Team – I do not want to take any payments until May 1 when we have a better idea of when we will be able to return to normal operations. With that being said, I would still like to take registrations for the summer season. If you plan on registering your swimmer, please e-mail or snail mail in a registration form to the recreation center. We are still regularly checking the mail, and I have been working between the office and home. I will collect payment at a later date as we know if the season needs to be adjusted.

    4. Date Changes/Meet Schedule/Long Course – I have changed the date of the parent meeting for the 2020 swim season. The new parent meeting will be on Wednesday, May 20 Time: TBD. I will send out more details at a later date pertaining to the meeting. For the rec meets, I don’t see any changes at this point. For long course, I think you will see the biggest impact of COVID-19 on ISI hosted meets. Currently, USA Swimming has canceled Zones and Open Water Zones. They have made no changes to long course state, but we shall see if that changes. I will not be charging the Long Course coaching fee this season, but it will be charged for future seasons if you are wanting to do Long Course. For this summer, we will offer long course meets and the coaching cost will be split between swimmers that register for that particular meet. Please know that all long course meets will be tentative as there is no guarantee they will take place. We are currently looking at only a couple of ISI meets in June and July with the way this virus has changed every team’s training plans/hosting capabilities. I will update the website with all the upcoming events and leave all accounts current until May 1.

    5. New Team Suit Vendor & Website – Last month, I made the decision to change our team vendor for suits. All-American swim will be our new vendor. The company recently acquired Kiefer, and I have been ordering my lifeguard equipment from them for the last 4 years. I am excited about this change as it will now provide a one stop shop for items. Please know the new vendor information can be found under the Team Apparel tab of the website. You will know be able to buy select spirit wear items year round on the website along with team suits, team parkas, team backpacks, and training equipment. The only thing that will still be ordered only twice a year will be personalized team caps. Also, the All-American swim brand suits will only be offered in the summer season. If you plan on swimming year round, you will only have the summer as an option to order those suits due to our Speedo Sponsorship guidelines. You will need a username: mchenry and password: marlins to access the website. Here is the link:

    6. End of the Year Banquet - At this point, we will not have a physical end of the year banquet. I have ordered the plaques and awards, and I will be looking at scheduling or mailing those items to swimmers at a later date. Also, I will e-mail out award winner list at a future date as well.

    7. Moolah for Marlins – I do have all the Moolah for Marlins prizes in my office. I was hoping to distribute and recognize swimmers at the end of the year banquet. I will organize getting those items out to swimmers in the coming weeks.

I know this e-mail was a lot. I wish I had more concrete answers at this point, but we are all in the same boat of having no solid information about when restrictions will be lifted. I hope you are all doing well during this difficult time, and I am sending love out to all your families. Please give each of your swimmer’s a big hug from me, and I look forward to seeing them all back in the pool soon.

Have a wonderful day,