MMAC Return to Practice, 1.25

Nicole Thompson

Dear MMAC Families,

First, the good news has come! We finally have a return to practice date. Practice will resume on Monday, 1/25. The times for practice will be the same. Some adjustments will occur to the practice schedule as the high school boys finalize their meet calendar. I will make sure to post any changes on the Marlins calendar, and we will look at adding Saturdays again to make-up training time as needed.

Secondly, I just want to make sure everyone is notified that the pool water temp will be on the colder side next week. They have a pump on back order so the pool water is being heated slowly. Kids should bring extra gear to practice including extra towels, extra warm clothes, and swim shirts for the younger swimmers if they have them.

Furthermore, we have extend our season to April 16. We will take the week of Spring Break (March 29-April 2) off. This extension will allow us to make up for the training time missed due to the recent lock down. The new end date of winter practice will replace our normal spring stroke clinic. The extension of winter season will lead up to the start of Summer Swim team.

The following two choices are open to each family:

Option 1

You choose to swim until April 16. Any proration (refund) for the Tier 3 closing would just be used to cover the extension of the season. We will have missed 7 weeks of training time, and we will get 7 weeks on the backend. We will plan to have an in house rec meet in February along with at least two more sanctioned meets in March and April. Under option 1, high school boys will be able to join us at practice after the completion of their high school season.

What do you have to do to choose this option: Nothing. If I don’t hear from you, I will mark you down as continuing to practice until 4/16. 

Option 2

You choose to get a proration (refund) for the Tier 3 closing (7 weeks). Your swimmer will be able to practice with the team until February 19 (our original end date). If you choose this option, your swimmer would be out of the pool from February, 19 until May. We are not offering a spring stroke clinic due to option 1, and we will start summer team in May. All refunds will be processed directly back to cards or by check.

What do you have to do to choose this option: You must fill out the form located below and return it to Nicole by e-mail. The deadline for this option is Friday, 1/29. If you do not return the paperwork by 1/29, you will be enrolled for option 1. This is a hard deadline. Paperwork must be completed and returned (No exceptions!).


I know both the coaches and myself are so excited to finally get back in the pool. We will see you all soon! Normal COVID guidelines will still apply. Swimmers will need to adhere to temp checks, answer COVID symptom questions, and wear a mask to practice. Please keep sick swimmers home so we can continue practicing. If you have any questions, please reach out.


BLUE: TU & TH 6-6:45 PM

BRONZE 1: TU & TH 6-7 PM

BRONZE 2: M, W, FR 6-7 PM

SILVER (3-Day): M, W, FR 6-7:15 PM

SILVER (5-Day): M, W, FR 6-7:15 PM & TU/TH 6-7 PM

GOLD (3-Day): M, W, FR 7:30-9:15 PM

GOLD & PLATINUM (5-Day): M, W, FR 7:30-9:15 PM & TU/TH 7:15-9 PM




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