Winter Team 2020-2021

Registration Dates:

Current MMAC Swimmers Only: Wednesday, 8/19 - Tuesday, 8/25

All New Swimmers & Past MMAC Swimmers: Wednesday, 8/26 - Until Filled

Registration must be in person at the McHenry Recreation Center (3636 Municipal Drive). Forms must be completed prior to arriving. Recreation Center hours of operation are Monday-Thursday 5 AM-9 PM, Friday 5 AM-7 PM, & Saturday/Sunday 7 AM-6 PM. 

Complete the registration form below and submit program payment payable to City of McHenry. Complete the ISI/USA Membership Application (NOTE: THE ISI FEE IS NOW INCLUDED IN TEAM PRICING.)  Do not send membership form directly to Illinois Swimming - all membership applications will be submitted by the club. All swimmers are required to be registered with USA Swimming which requires a yearly membership fee. Both completed and signed forms are due at registration at McHenry Parks & Recreation.

Program Enrollment Document

ISI Athlete Document

COVID-19 Acknowledgement Form

The Fall/Winter swim program in McHenry competes in Northern Illinois Winter Swim Conference meets and Illinois Swimming Inc. (ISI)/USA official meets. Note: All swimmers are required to be registered with USA swimming which requires a yearly $85 membership fee. USA swimming fee included in team pricing. Practices are held at McHenry High School West Campus swimming pool beginning Monday, September 21 and continue through late February. Below are the descriptions, practice times, and fees for the different team levels.

Payment Options/Multiple Child Discount: Payment option is available to help families. Early bird payments of full season amount will receive special discount pricing. Discount excludes High School swimmer pricing. Families with two or more swimmers will receive a $10 discount per additional child enrolled on the team.

Note: Pool size, space, and state COVID guidelines determine team size. We strive to provide a program that allows our coaching staff to provide specific trainings per age group. To assure your child’s spot on the team, please register early. Max swimmers per practice group: Blue (10 swimmers), Bronze 1 (20 swimmers), Bronze 2 (10 swimmers), Silver (20 swimmers), Gold (10 swimmers), Platinum (20 swimmers). Swim team is not swim lessons. Coaches might suggest another year of lessons before children are ready to join the team. Coaches & Aquatics Supervisor have final decision on level placement for ALL swimmers.

Blue Level (Beginner): This level is for swimmers that can strongly swim 50 yards unassisted. Blue offers a basic introduction to the four competitive strokes used in swimming and the other skills necessary to swim competitively. The emphasis is on fun and structure as swimmers learn to swim competitively. Blue level swimmers must be able to swim freestyle and backstroke. Practice 2 days/week.

Bronze Level 1 & Level 2 (Age Group): These levels are for the growing swimmers who can perform the following: 50 yards of freestyle from a standing dive; 25 yards each of butterfly, breaststroke, and backstroke (25 yards streamline dolphin kick may be substituted for the butterfly); and a freestyle flip turn. Bronze level is required to attend 3 rec meets and at least 1 ISI meets. Level 1 is the normal Bronze practice during the week and combined with Blue. Level 2 swimmers must be close of a regional time in at least 1 event for their age group and mastered all four strokes. They will combine with the Silver level during the week. Practice 2-3 days/week. They will combine with the Silver level during the week. Practice 2-3 days/week.

Silver Level (Intermediate): This level is a for swimmers who have achieved a designated level of success based on effort, practice consistency, meet participation, and time standard achievement. Swimmers must be able to perform the following: 50 yards of all four competitive strokes with legal turns and finishes, 200 yards of continuous freestyle with flip turns, and a 100 yard IM with legal turns. Silver level required to compete in a minimum of 3 rec meets and at least 2 ISI meets. Practice 3 days/week.

Gold Level (Advanced): This level comes with an emphasis on refining competitive stroke technique, building endurance, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and exposing swimmers to greater race opportunities. Swimmers must be able to perform the following: a legal 200 IM with correct stroke and turn technique. Must have obtained or been within reach of a least two regional cut times.. Gold level required to compete a minimum of 4 rec meets and a least 3 ISI meets. Practice 3-5 days a week.

Platinum Level (Elite/HS/Club): This level is designed for the swimmer that are committed to the sport of competitive swimming. Swimmer are looking to compete on an elite club team or college swimming careers. This level requires 100% commitment and dedicated to following coach and team expectations. Swimmers are progressing towards being top-level athletes at state and national levels. Swimmers must be working towards or have obtained four regional cuts or one state cut, have a very proficient stroke technique, be able to read a pace clock, and have a strong work ethic. Platinum level swimmers will work on goal setting and assist with promoting team culture by learning what it takes to coach and working with younger age groups. Platinum level swimmers required to compete in a majority of meets including a minimum of 3 rec meets and most ISI meets. Practice 5 days/week.

COVID-19 Considerations: Swim parents will be issued COVID-19 guidelines for the program prior to the first practice. It is the responsibility of parents and swimmers to read and understand those guidelines. Parents and swimmers will be required to follow the guidelines of the McHenry Parks & Recreation department along with any D156 requirements as well. Any major closures of D156 facilities due to possible COVID cases would result in the immediate halt of programming until D156 offices feel that the MMAC program could safely continue operations under state and facility guidelines. The McHenry Parks & Recreation department will consider proration and partial refunds for any extend closures of facilities that limit program offerings directly related to COVID-19. Normal facility closures due to holidays, school events, weather related closures, and school breaks will not results in refunds being issued.

Practice Changes: Practice dates and times can vary depending on school events, high school home swim meets, special events, weather related closures, and district holidays. No discounts or make-up practices will be given for cancellations by coaches, school, or parks department administration. Any changes to schedule will be posted on team website. Swimmers may not attend another practice out of their practice group.









(Paid in Full by 9/1)


Note: Fee includes USA swimmer registration fee





6:00-6:45 PM


6:00-6:45 PM











6:00-7:00 PM


6:00-7:00 PM









6:00-7:00 pm


6:00-7:00 pm


6:00-7:00 pm








6:00-7:15 pm


6:00-7:15 pm


6:00-7:15 pm








7:30-9:15 pm


7:30-9:15 pm


7:30-9:15 pm









7:30-9:15 pm

7:15-9:00 pm

7:30-9:15 pm

7:15-9:00 pm

7:30-9:15 pm





* Early Bird discount: Payment is due at the time of registration and early bird discount will be applied. Registrations must be received and processed before 9/2/2020 for discount. Early bird discount excludes payment plans and high school swimmer fees.

*Payment Plan: 50% due at registration & remaining 50% due by 11/13/2020. Any remaining balances after 11/13 will result in a $50 late fee. If fee not paid by 12/1/2020, swimmers will be removed from the program.

Payment Information

Team fee must be payable to the City of McHenry. Payments may be made by check, credit card, or cash for team fee. Account balances for ISI meets are due upon registration deadline date for each meet. Any late ISI balances will result in swimmers restriction from attending and registering for future ISI and rec meets. ISI (Illinois Swimming Inc.) yearly membership is REQUIRED for all swimmers regardless of swimmers plan on attending any ISI/USA swimming meets.

Yearly registration form, ISI athlete form, and 50% of payment must be made prior to September, 21.


High School Swimmers

MMAC welcomes high school swimmers outside of their HS competition season. Swimmers must still complete both a team and ISI registration. Price listed includes mandatory ISI swimming fee.

High School Boys Fee: 3-day practice $325/R - $335/NR or 5-day practice $450/R - $460/NR

High School Girls Fee: 3-day practice $345/R - $355/NR or 5-day practice $485/R - $495/NR


2020 Meet Considerations

Please note that fall/winter meet schedule will only be determined when meets become available and safe under COVID state and national guidelines. MMAC will be closely monitoring USA swimming, Illinois Swimming, CDC, and IDPH guidelines for a return to competitive play. We can provide no guarantee that meets will take place under current conditions related to COVID-19.

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