Illinois Swimming
Level 2

2021-22 Winter SC Season:  Evaluation Results

  • Results may be posted in batches.  
  • Continue to check results until a group is full.
  • Reminder: your swimmer may be placed in a group higher/ lower than their Core group age.
  • Check all relevant Core groups for your swimmer's number.
  • Specific feedback is not available for swimmers who are not selected.
  • For general information about the Winter SC Season, including fees, please click here.

To accept a posted roster spot offer, email the following information to the Registrar.  The Registrar will then email you registration instructions.

  • Swimmer's full LEGAL name (First Middle Last; if no middle, please indicate)
  • Date of Birth (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Responsible adult full name
  • Home address
  • Home phone (or responsible adult mobile)
  • ID Band number from evaluations (4 digit number)
  • USA Swimming Number (if a previously registered USA Swimming athlete)

The following ID Band Numbers are being offered a roster spot.  Please reply by the date listed to hold your swimmer's position.  After the listed date, we will move on to the next available swimmer. 

Pre-Core: The Maverick coaching staff has determined the PreCore practice group will serve swimmers ages 5-8 during the SC 2021-22 season. The PreCore group will be split into two equitable practice groups to enable the coaches to instruct swimmers at their individual experience and ability levels. Swimmers will be assigned to a group at the coaches' discretion. The two groups will practice at the same location and scheduled consecutively. 

As is the case for all of our practice groups, the final practice schedule will be posted in August after registration is complete. We would expect the PreCore groups to start at the earliest times available (5:30-6:15pm start time for the first group with the second group following immediately).

7/26, 6pm: PreCore will still be accepting a handful more swimmers. Coaches are evaluating registrations to assess the makeup of the group to determine what ages/experience levels are most needed.


Core 1:  7/28, 2pm - Coaches are reviewing - update coming soon.

Core 2:   7/28, 5pm - Coaches are reviewing - update coming soon.

Core 3:   7/28, 5pm - Coaches are reviewing - update coming soon.

Senior:  7/28, 2pm - Coaches are reviewing - update coming soon.

Genesis: Eligible swimmers will be contacted directly by staff.