Swimmer Expectations:

  • Be respectful to others and their belongings. This includes but is not limited to coaches, teammates, fellow competitors, officials, swim meet volunteers, swim team parents, and other patrons at the swimming pool. 

  • Avoid any derogatory remarks concerning teammates, competitors, coaches, parents, etc. and avoid use of derogatory language based on gender, race or impairment. 

  • Refrain from any/all hurtful behaviors, including but not limited to pinching, scratching, hitting, kicking, fighting, pushing, teasing, name calling or ignoring. 

  • Arrive to all practices and meets on time!! If you do not communicate with the coaching staff regarding a permanent need to arrive at practice late, and you are late to practice more than one practice weekly, you will not be ineligible to swim for 3 days (including swim meets). If your late arrival needs to be continually addressed your swimmer will need to be removed from the team altogether.

  • Bring all necessary equipment/supplies, wear appropriate swimwear and be responsible for your belongings. 

  • According to USA Swimming Safe Sport Rules, all swimmers are NOT ALLOWED to use a cell phone, camera, or any other video device in locker rooms. Change into and out of swimwear only in the locker room or designated area.

  • Complete the online Athlete Protection Training.