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                         Blue 1 - Tony Gallagher – [email protected]. If you have any questions, feel free to email me.

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Blue 2 & 1 Requirements & Expectations


Age Group State Entries (last updated 3.3)

Helpful Swimming Videos:

Freestyle *When viewing, notice the extension and reach of each arm stroke, the high elbow underwater, and the fingertips always pointing down.

Backstroke *When viewing, notice the initial dolphin kick off the wall (starts from the chest down to the toes). You can see his arms entering in line with the shoulders and not crossing in front of his head (thumb out, pinky in as well). Under water, Ryan is using his entire paddle (from elbow - finger tips) and throwing water past his hips. Finally, you can see his shoulders and hips rotating at the same time while maintaining a constant kick from the hips to the toes.

Breaststroke * When viewing, notice the timing between the head and feet. Both come up at the same time to display an excellent rhythm. Kosuke is continuously moving forward throughout the stroke, no matter which stage of the swim (whether gliding, pulling, or kicking). Finally, notice the fact that the "blowhole" is always open and his head is fixed in the proper position at all times.  

Butterfly * During this short, but effective clip, we'll start from the head - down. Throughout the stroke, Michael is sneaking his breath and the water line is just around the chin. The movement starts from his chest and continues all the way to his feet. While performing the movement, Michael is also continuously moving forward while catching water with his full paddle. Finally, you'll notice that he doesn't simply work one part of the kick, but both.

Videos Courtesy of Youtube.com


Swim Meet Etiquette

5 Ways to Bounce Back from a Bad Swim

Staying Loose and Calm Pre-Race


Recovery Foods that Ease Muscle Soreness

Injury Prevention:

Helping Prevent Shoulder Injuries





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