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Please check our  FAQ to answer any questions you might have.

Also, here is some other useful parent information:


Glossary of Swimming Terms

Swim Team Parents Handbook

Swimmers Code of Conduct

Palatine Park District Code of Conduct

How-To for Away Meets

How-To for Home Meets

PPD Swim Team Scholarship

Website FAQs

Article for Parents of Swimmers

Championship Season FAQs

Online Escrow Payment


Swim Team Parent Advisory Board  

President: Emil Borre

Vice President: Lindy Maupin

Treasurer: Talitha McKinney



​Recording: Kate Palarz

Registrar: Erin Grady


​Director/Meets: Ravi Gopu/Brian Dombroski

​Director/Fundraising: Cynthia Fletcher

Directors/Escrow: Madi Verdet/Janet Borre

Director/Communications: Eriona Baholli

Director/Cash Management: Angeline Giangreco

Director/Volunteers: Kari Kaleta

Director/Corporate Sponsorship: Agata Rulkowski