Welcome to the Swim Team Store
All team apparel and swim suits can be purchased through our custom team site with The Swim Team store using the information below. If you have any questions, please contact Lindy Maupin @ [email protected]  All equipment and team gear is available at the Swim Team Store.  Required equipment for each training group is listed below.


How to order

Orders can be taken by phone (1-800-846-7052) or they can be placed online at:  www.theswimteamstore.com

Go to Customized Swim Team Store:  User Name- Palatine         Password- sharks

The Swim Team Store is now also located at:  830 Seton Ct. #9, Wheeling, IL 60090, 1-224-676-0344

PPD Team Caps

Team caps are required for all practices and competitions if your hair covers your eyes. It is highly recommended that every swimmer purchase a few spare team swim caps to keep in their swim bag.  Each cap costs $4.00 (latex), $12.00 (silicone), and $25.00 (dome).  Coaches will have a supply of swim caps with them on deck at practices and competitions. In the case of an emergency, a swimmer will be supplied a team swim cap by their coach and the swimmer’s escrow account will be charged for the purchase of the cap.

Required Team Equipment

NOV White 1 & 2 Blue 1 & 2 Green 1 & 2 Senior 1 & 2
Goggles Training fins    Training fins     Training fins Training fins
Cap   Snorkel Snorkel Snorkel
Kick Board   Pull buoy Hand paddles Pull buoy
         Hand paddles
        PPD Drag suit   
        Mesh bag
        Power Bags (light/medium)