National Letter

 of Intent (NLI) 

 PSA may not sign.

 PSA may not sign.

 PSA may sign during the
 designated signing dates:
 * Early Signing Date:
    One week in  November.
 * Regular Signing Period: 
    April – August.



 PSA may receive ONLY
 verbal offers.
 PSA may receive ONLY
 verbal offers.
 August 1: PSA may receive a
 written scholarship offer.



 PSA may receive at any 
 * Camp Brochures
 * Questionnaires
 September 1: Coaches
 may begin sending via 
 email and regular mail
 Coaches may send recruiting

 Telephone Calls

 PSA may make calls to
 coach at own expense.
 * PSA may make calls to
    coach at own expense.
 * July 1 following
    completion of Junior 
    year:   Coaches may
    place one  call to you
    per week.

 One call per week.

 * Coaches may make unlimited
    calling calendar day after NLI
    signing, payment of
    admission deposit or signed
    offer of admission.

 Text Messages

 PSA may text coaches at
 own expense. Coaches 
 are  unable to respond to
 text  messages.
 PSA may text coaches at
 own expense. Coaches are
 unable to respond to text 
 Coaches may send unlimited text
 messages calendar day after NLI
 signing, payment of admission
 deposit, or signed offer of

 Facebook, Twitter


 All Social Media

 * PSA may “friend/follow”
 * Coaches may “follow”
    PSA on twitter ONLY if
    account is not private.
 * Coaches may not
    “friend” PSA on

 September 1, coaches: 

 * May initiate “friend
    requests” on Facebook.
 * May send private
    messages via social
 * MAY NOT tweet at
    PSA, mention a PSA,
    or publicly post to a
    PSA’s wall.
 Coaches may tweet at PSA,
 mention PSA, and post to PSA’s
 Facebook wall beginning when
 NLI signing, payment of
 admissions deposit, or signed
 offer of admission is received.
 (In-person contact
 with coaches)

 None allowed

 None allowed until July 1
 following completion of 
 Junior year.

 * Permitted.

 * 7 evaluations/contacts (no
    more than 3 contacts);
    unlimited after NLI

 Official Visits

 (Paid by College)

 None allowed

 None allowed

 * Allowed starting first day of
    classes of PSA’s senior year.

 * One per college; up to 5 total

 Unofficial Visits