The Palatine Park District Swim Team is proud of all the Tiger Sharks who continue their swimming careers at the collegiate level.  We wish them all continued success in both the classroom and the pool!  (The list below is still a work in progress.  Contact Coach Tony at [email protected] with any updates.)


HS Class of 2022

Colin Bolger - (Breast) - Beloit College

Ola Gorecki - (Back) - Minnesota State University-Mankato


HS Class of 2021

Jillian Dombroski - (IM/Breast/Fly) - St. Catherine University

Syndey Logan - Carthage College

Megan Pankratz - (Distance Free) - Calvin College


HS Class of 2020

Gavin Hill - (Sprint Free/Fly) - Wabash College

Sophia Kuehn - (Back/IM) - Ball State University

Donovan Phipps - Arcadia University

Christian Snyder - (Fly) - Carthage College


HS Class of 2019

Yoochan Lee - (Breast/Free) - Case Western Reserve University

Lauren Savage - (Rowing) - University of Wisconsin-Madison


HS Class of 2018

Emily Bolger - (Free) - University of Illinois

Maggie Menso - (Free) - St. Catherine University

Ellis Nelson - (IM) - University of North Carolina-Asheville 


HS Class of 2017

Alex Bartosik - (IM/Breast) - University of Tampa

Davis Meyn - (Free/Breast) - Ball State University

Sarah Miles - (Back/IM) - University of Findlay


HS Class of 2016

Kristin Anderson - (Free) - University of Illinois

Marcus Carter-Buckman - (Back) - Depauw University

Lucas DeMar - (Free) - Lincoln College

Jordan Kalina - (Free/Fly) - Vassar College

Sean Rodney - (Fly/IM) - University of Tampa

Megan Waddell - (Free) - University of Tampa


HS Class of 2015

Emily Champa - (Free) - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Allison Cicero - (Free/IM) - Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Julia Portmann - (Free/Fly) - Washington College


HS Class of 2014

​Kevin Lotzer- (Fly/Back) - University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


HS Class of 2013

Bre Anderson - (Freestyle)- St. Louis University

Nicky Zito- (IM/Breaststroke)- University of Iowa

Nick Jessee- (Freestyle)- St. Louis University

James Rodney- (Butterfly)- University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Margaret Lotzer- (Freestyle)- University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Kayleen Samuels- (Backstroke)- Ashland University

Morgan Mikolajewski- (IM/Breaststroke)- University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point


HS Class of 2012

Kristy Bessler- (Breaststroke)- University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Colleen Champa- (Breaststroke/IM)- University of Iowa


HS Class of 2011

Dustin Anderson- (Freestyle/IM)- St. Louis University

Damon Zito- (Freestyle)- University of Wisconsin


HS Class of 2010

Ben Epperly- (Distance Freestyle)- University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire

Hilary Ottaviano- (Fly/Freestyle)- Drury University


HS Class of 2009

Sean Carroo - (Butterfly/Backstroke)- Wright State University

Sam Childs- (Freestyle)- Miami University (OH) 

Michael Kinross- (Fly)- Eastern Michigan University

Alex Mikolajewski- (IM)- University of Wisconsin- Whitewater 

Varun Shivakumar- (Backstroke)- Northwestern University


HS Class of 1997

Jay Glenn- University of Iowa

Mike Patla- University of Iowa

Ryan Sorenson- University of Iowa


HS Class of 1996

Greg Plank- Arizona State


HS Class of 1995

Mark Fastabend- University of Iowa

Mark Kujawski- Purdue

James Patla- University of Iowa

Paul Desruisseaux- Northern Illinois


HS Class of 1994

Tyler Holcomb - University of Iowa

Brian Brinkley- University of Iowa

Duke Shin- Indiana University


HS Class of 1993

Anthony Attiah- The Ohio State University

Andrew MacCallum- Western Kentucky University 

Don Secor- UIC


HS Class of 1990

Lisa Mihallik - (IM/Freestyle)-University of Missouri/Illinois State University


HS Class of 1989

Jenny Kleemann- Northern Michigan University


HS Class of 1988

Brock Harr - (Breaststroke/IM)- University of Arkansas

Trey Holcomb- Miami of Ohio

Greg Mihallik- (IM/Butterfly/Freestyle)- Michigan State University


HS Class of 1987

Joel Rubenstein - (Backstroke/IM)- Columbia University

Rob Mitera- (IM/Breaststroke)- University of Missouri


HS Class of 1986

Nate Llerandi - (Freestyle/Breaststroke/IM)- Kenyon College


HS Class of 1985

Brian McKay - (Freestyle)- University of Texas

Greg Varner- (Freestyle)- University of Michigan


HS Class of 1984

Stacy Cassidy - (Butterfly/Freestyle)-University of Texas


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