PPD Pride                                             

Swimming in Chicagoland is a very popular and rewarding sport. Our area is fortunate to have a lot of quality programs from which to choose. The Tiger Shark program is over 50 years in the making and the pride of it’s swimmers in their program is the foundation of the team. We encourage prospective members to contact our coaching staff to learn firsthand about our program.

  • The PPD Tiger Sharks are growing. Our professional and ambitious coaching staff, and the instruction we provide, attracts swimmers from age 5 to 22. In the Summer of 2008, PPD was proud to host the United States Deaflympic Trials at our Birchwood Recreation Center, and to be a host to athletes from all around the country. During the spring of 2012, we then hosted the short-course Age Group Championships at the University of Illinois, Chicago. In 2018, the program also co-hosted the Winter Regional Championships at Deerfield High School.
  • Our team is proud to provide an environment that nurtures excellence within our sport.
  • Our training is appropriate for the athletes’ age and physical development. While we are an aerobic and IM-based program, we do not over train or do yardage that is “excessive”. Our progressive program ensures that swimmers focus on stroke mechanics at each and every level. As our athletes progress through the program, the stroke mechanic emphasis is incorporated within the scope of the appropriate training environment.
  • Our program hosts up to 3 USA Swimming meets per year. Our team has a reputation within the Illinois Swimming community for hosting well run, well attended, fun, and competitive swim meets. We do require member families to contribute by working at our meets, as do other teams in the area that host meets. Our family’s volunteerism ensures that our team can continue hosting popular meets.
  • The PPD Tiger Sharks Swim Program is for everyone. While our team offers competitive and unequaled opportunities in our area for national level swimmers, we also offer an outstanding program for all abilities, from beginners on up. Every swimmer, regardless of ability receives professional coaching and individual attention.
  • PPD coaches are very supportive of high school athletics. Especially high school swimming and water polo. Our coaches strive to build relationships with area high schools and work collaboratively with HS coaches to ensure long term development of the athlete. Our team is proud to prepare athletes for successful HS swimming careers. Most of our senior athletes are from the local high schools. We are proud to have a variety of different high school programs represented within our program.
  • Our coaches are most interested in our athletes’ happiness, and fulfillment in their athletic endeavors. We keep our athletes goals at the forefront of our mind. Our staff has a track record of athletes moving on to successful collegiate careers.
  • PPD Tiger Shark coaches work diligently to ensure the health and development of our swimmers. Our coaches monitor our athletes’ strokes in the water and proper stroke technique. Coaches prescribe dry land and regular stretching and shoulder stability exercises to prevent injury.
  • As a Park District swim team, our program is fortunate to offer one of the most affordable swimming program in Chicagoland. Comparable teams of our caliber are typically much more expensive.
  • To find our more about the PPD Tiger Sharks, please contact us at 847-202-3240 . Any of our coaches will be happy to speak with you directly and answer any and all questions about our program. PPD has confidence that our parents, volunteers, and athletes will also speak favorably about their experiences with the program.