Thank you for your interest in 

St Charles Aquatics 

Pre Competitive Teams and the St Charles Swim Team

for All Ages




To participate in Try-outs   a swimmer must be able to complete 1 length (25 yrds) of the pool in both freestyle and backstroke and have an awareness of the butterfly and breaststroke.

A swimmer will need a swim suit (one piece preferably), goggles, and a towel. 


What can you expect at try-outs?  Plan on arriving 10-15 minutes prior to the set time to complete paperwork.  The information we collect will be used to contact you once determinations are made regarding your swimmers evaluation.  Once the paperwork is organized, your swimmer will be called to the pool.

At the pool, the coaching staff will be assessing the swimmers skills to determine if they are ready for the non-competitive and/or competitive groups.  Depending on the number of swimmers, this process could take 15 minutes to an hour.


Once the evaluation is done the coach that performed the try-out for your swimmer will meet to discuss their recommendation.  Recommendations are just that.  Recommendations do not guarantee your swimmer is on the competitive team or the non-competitive teams.

The competitive team does have a limited amount of openings; for this reason the team (St. Charles Swim Team) will post the accepted swimmers on our website at and will email each family. 

For the precompetitive teams (Junior Team 6-10 yrs and Junior Team 10-14 yrs)  if your swimmer has been recommended for either of these groups, then you may go ahead and register.  You do not need to wait to hear from St. Charles Swim Team to register. 

To register, go to and select menu item “precompetitive,” then “registration.”  Read through the registration page and at the bottom there is a green bar that says non-competitive, select and proceed.


What if I get 2 recommendations from the coach?  Many times our younger swimmers that try-out can get 2 recommendations.  A coach may recommend the Competitive Team (8 and under age group 1) and may also recommend the Precompetitive Junior team group (for ages 6-10).  This means your swimmer is at a level of swimming in which they could be successful on the competitive team.  However, if this commitment is more than you/your swimmers is looking for, then their skill level is also a good match for our non-competitive PreTeam.  You get to choose!

If you have any questions, regarding this process, please contact Anna Hutchinson at 630-377-1405 or [email protected]