Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


DIVERSITY : All the ways in which we as individuals are and can be different.

INCLUSION : Using the ways we are different to create a respectful and comforting environment for everyone.

EQUITY: Acknowledging that the ways we are different will require different processes and policies with respect to the individuals.


Illinois Swimming has a rich history of setting the tone for diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in USA Swimming. From being the first LSC in the country to initiate and co-host in a Diversity Select Camp for the Central Zone to partnering with Wounded Warriors, Illinois Swimming has consistently been at the forefront nationally ensuring opportunities for all athletes. Project Ignite is our next step in that journey to creatively foster a culture of belonging and ignite opportunities for all members and their communities.


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USA Swimming is committed to growing and celebrating diversity, increasing fairness throughout the organization and intentionally creating environments where differences are embraced and everyone feels welcome, respected, supported, and valued to fully participate


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