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Saint Charles Swim Team Mission and Vision Statements


The mission of the SCST is to support the St. Charles Swim Team through fundraising and volunteerism.


The vision of the SCST is to support the development of swimmers at every level in their individual pursuit of excellence; to help make that process enjoyable and promote swimming in the greater St. Charles area.

Family Working Obligation

Your parent obligation as it is with any organization like our swim team, we depend on a high level of support from ALL of our families. There will be many times during the year where families are required to help with the various chores of running home meets and also helping with timing at away meets.

Away Meets, the team may have timing duties for the meet. This will noted in the meet packet and our obligations will usually be sent a day or two before the meet. If everyone helps, the load is minimal for all and the burden is shared equally. Timing for these meets count toward your family obligation.

Home Meets, the team runs about six home meets a year. These are major fund raisers for our team and all members are expected to help with the running of the meet. We have a great reputation for hosting high quality meets and it is because we get great help from our families. The number of required sessions will vary from year to year and season to season. The requirements will be notified to the general membership at the beginning of the season.

Every few years the team runs a state meet. Due to the size and space requirements we run this type of meet at another facility. All families are required to work. These meets are our most powerful fundraisers. These events are additional requirements beyond our home meets. Failure to participate will lead to a fine. Signup for your family requirements are done with the Meets/Events section. Directions for signing up are available under My Tutorials. After you log in go into My Account and then select My Tutorials. Once there select the Meet Sign Up 101 video.


Have Questions About the Rules of Swimming? Email your questions to us and we will do the best we can to answer them!

Become an Official - Officiating is an incredibly rewarding way to meet your family’s volunteering obligation to the club. There is no better way to see a meet or express to your children that you appreciate their commitment to the sport. Despite what you may think, other than the clinic, it requires no more time commitment than any other volunteer position you could do in fulfilling your commitment to the club.

No prior knowledge of swimming is needed to do the job, the training through USA Swimming and Illinois Swimming is fun and thorough. If you are interested in becoming an official, please feel free to contact SCST Officials Director Jack Yetter by email - [email protected]. Illinois Swimming also has excellent information available on their website.

Links for more information on the ISI (Illinois Swimming Inc) Website

Become an Official 

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