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2022 Summer Season


July 21- Meet arrival/check-in is 4:25pm at Swanson pool.  Here is the link to tonight's heat sheet /ilscs/UserFiles/Image/QuickUpload/heat-sheet-1-relay-meet-7-21-22_073652.pdf


July 15 5:00pm  Practice is on for tonight!  Swanson pool is reopening at 5:30pm.

July 15 - Practice is still on for the 8:00-9:15 practice unless the pool should close.    We have decided to cancel the 9:15 and 10:00 practice due to the approaching storm system.  Enjoy a restful Friday :)

July 12 - The pool address at Thornwood is  850 E.Thornwood Dr. S.Elgin.60177.  We have 3 or 4 timers needed for this event.  WE NEED ONE MORE PERSON TO TIME!  There will be a timer’s meeting on the pool deck, so listen for this announcement.

Arrival for the Thornwood meet will be check-in at 4:30 with warm-ups at 4:50 and a meet start of 5:30pm.  They will have a pollywog event for younger siblings prior to the start of the meet.  It is the family’s responsibility to get their pollywog swimmer to the pool lane; as the coaches will be preparing for the first relays.  Please ensure your pollywog swimmer has a flotation device and if needed an older swimmer escorting in the lane with them.  Safety first!  

July 11 - Swim Meet Registration for the AWAY Thornwood swim meet ends today at Noon.  No late entries accepted.

July 7 - Swim Meet is still on for tonight!  We are watching the weather closely.

July 6 - SWIM MEET information for our AWAY meet AT The Windings (42W346 Retreat Ct, St Charles 60175.) scheduled for Thursday, July 7 -    Just follow the signs for the Clubhouse once you enter The Windings neighborhood.  Swim Meet arrival will be at 4:45 with warm-ups at 5:00pm with a swim meet start of 5:30pm.

July 5-All Swim Practices CANCELLED this afternoon due to inclement weather conditions.

June 30 - Our Home swim meet today at Swanson Pool will have a 5:00pm arrival and check-in with a coach.  Otter Team warm-ups will begin at 5:15.  Visiting teams will warm-up at 5:30.  We have a swim meet start of 6:00pm.  If you still have not gotten your swimsuit/cap, please mention this to a coach during your check-in.

The heat sheet has been sent out to all that registered through the Signup Genius

July 4 - NO SWIM PRACTICE.  Practice will resume July 5.

June 24-Invitations for the Otter Swim Team meet with Fox Mill and the Windings went out today and will close on Monday, June 27 at noon.  Otter team check-in will be 5:00pm with Otter team warm-ups at 5:15.  Opposing team warm-ups will begin at 5:30pm.  We will have a volunteer check-in at 5:30 and a meet start of 6:00pm.

June 24 RIBBONS from the South Barrington swim meet on June 23 will be mailed to our team as soon as the South Barrington team has them completed.  This is but one reason we are so thankful for our parent volunteers with Otter Swim Team!

June 23- South Barrington swim meet is today.  Meet arrival is at 4:35pm for check-in and warm-ups will begin at 4:50.  If the host team calls for volunteers, please represent St Charles and step-up to help out.  There will be a concession stand available to purchase food and drink.

June 21 Swimsuit update:  Many of you are receiving your team suits at your personal address :)  However, if you instead of having the suit sent to your home address and selected curbside pickup for your delivery option, then you will receive your suit late this week or early next as those orders are being bulk shipped to our office and they are still filling the order.  Swimsuits will not be available for the meet this Thursday, June 23.

June 17 - Thank you to all our volunteers at the meet last night!  We couldn't host a meet without you.  Meet signups will be sent out today for next week's AWAY meet in South Barrington which will have a start time of 5:30pm on June 23.    Meet signup will close on Monday, June 20 at noon.

June 17- swimsuits/apparel are expected to be shipped late next week.  We are working on improving this turnaround time for next summer.

June 16 - Our first swim meet!  Arrival at Swanson pool is 5:00pm.  Meet warm-ups are at 5:30 and the meet is scheduled to begin at 6pm.  As mentioned, our swim team suits and apparel are custom made and we knew it would be a stretch for everything to arrive by our first meet.  We have been told that suits/apparel should arrive next week.

June 15 -  See inclement weather procedure below.



June 7:

  • We will not have an intersquad meet on Thursday - you get a day off :)  Instead, our intersquad meet will take place during practice on Friday, June 10 and Monday, June 13.
  • Meet Signups for our June 16 swim meet will be sent out via Signup Genius on Friday, June 10.


Weather Updates: 

1.  We will practice in the rain and the cold temps.  The pool water is heated and lifeguards will maintain safety during light rainfall. Practice will be called off if the lightening detection system is activated or should the STC Park Dist, coaching staff and/or lifeguards believe it to be necessary.

2.  Practice may be cancelled in advance of  approaching severe weather. 

Please visit this website for updates on cancellation of swim practices.


Swimming is an individual activity and a team sport. Children can easily set and achieve tangible goals. The harder they work the sooner they'll notice improvements in fitness and self-confidence. STC Otters is a recreational swim team for all skill levels.  Swimmers will participate in weekly swim meets. 

Swim Team organized by St Charles Aquatics Coaching Staff

Practice Schedule

*(OT = Otter Cove SW = Swanson)

Inclement Weather Procedure


Inclement Weather Evacuation Procedure

We have had quite a few rainouts for swim practice this season already.  Here are a few simple steps we are taking to ensure the safety of all swimmers.

  1.  When the lightning detection system sounds, we will have the Otter Team swimmers exit the pool, but stay with the coaching staff. 
  2. We will leave the pool deck as a group and go to the front atrium (in the pool house near the front entrance where the front counter staff are located). Parents that are on the pool deck waiting for their swimmer(s) should follow our group to this location. 
  3. Once in the atrium, we will take a headcount and at that time parents are welcome to take their swimmer(s) home.

Parents, please wait to start a conversation with the coaching staff until all swimmers have been moved to the atrium and are secure.  Thank you for helping us keep your children safe during these times of transition.




Practice Groups

Ages 5-8 (Registration)

  • Up to 3 practices per week
  • 25 yards of freestyle with face in the water with rotary breathing 
  • 25 yards of backstroke
  • Concept of breaststroke

Ages 9-10 (Registration)

  • Up to 4 practices per week
  • Swim continuously for 50 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing
  • 50 yards of backstroke
  • Concept of breaststroke and butterfly

Ages 11-16 (Registration)

  • Up to 5 practices per week
  • Swim continuously for 100 yards of freestyle with rotary breathing
  • 100 yards of backstroke
  • 50 yards of breaststroke and butterfly

2022 Summer Coaching Staff

Austin Cabel

Austin Cabel - 2020-21 - Swimming & Diving - Grand Valley State University  Athletics

Mary Kate Phillips

Mary Kate Phillips



Hannah Wojdyla

STCE Girls WaterPolo on Twitter: "Our next senior graduate is our goalie, Hannah  Wojdyla! Hannah, your work ethic, dedication, and ability to mentor others  is inspiring. You put everything into every practice





Anna Hutchinson

TTHF3s - St. Mark's Preschool

Tim Lewarchick

Coaching Staff

Jon Cabel

Coaching Staff


Team Apparel

For all your STC Otter Team Apparel follow this LINK to Simply Swimming - DEADLINE FOR ORDERS IS JUNE 5, 2022.




Hooded Sweatshirt


Silicone Cap


TYR DiamondFit


TYR Jammer


Meet Schedule 

Welcome Letter    Posted 05-25-2022

Welcome Otter Swim Team Families!  Our first day of the summer swim season is quickly approaching, and the coaching staff at St Charles Aquatics is gearing up for your arrival.  We have scheduled a “Meet the Coaches” event which is an opportunity for you to ask any questions you might have; and meet our fabulous coaching staff.  This event will be on Wednesday, June 1 at 6:00pm at the Otter Cove Pavilion.  Please plan on attending. 

Our Otter Team website can be found at, top menu item “STC Otter Swim Team.”  Here you can get up-to-date info on practices, swim meets, apparel and general information.  Here is a link directly to the site

Otter Swim Team swim suits and apparel can be purchased  with Simply Swimming.  Please follow the link below and check out what is offered.  We would like swimmers to have a team suit for the swim meets, however, it is not required. SWIM SUITS MUST BE ORDERED BY  JUNE 5.  Please have suits shipped to your personal address.

For swim practices, it is recommended that one piece suits and swim trunks/jammers with a drawstring be worn.  Your kiddos will need a pair of goggles that do not leak and a towel.

We will be having weekly swim meets both at our home pool (Swanson Pool) and local travel away meets.  We will have a signup for these meets available soon.  Swim meets are held on Thursdays with check-in and warmups generally beginning at 4:30pm and a meet start of 5pm.

Parents – parental support is essential in making our season successful.  We will need volunteers at our swim meets for timing, runners, and awards.  There will be sign-ups for volunteers at the same time you sign your swimmers up for the swim meet.

We are looking forward to an exciting summer season!  ‘Hope to see you all on June 1 at 6:00pm at the Otter Cove Pavilion.