We are excited you are interested in joining The Seahawks.

We are sure you have many questions.  We will attempt to answer them here.  Please also feel free to email us at [email protected] or call me at 618-670-6141.

Is the swim team for my child?

Swimming is the best sport ever and is for everyone!  The winter season for the Seahawks is the short course season (swimming in a 25yd pool) and is good for everyone wanting to continue swimming over the fall,winter and spring. The summer season for the Seahawks is a long course season where meets are swum in a 50m pool.  If your child has swum on a swim team for more than one year, then they could be ready for the long course summer season.  If your child has never swum on a team before, then we encourage them to join a local summer league team that swims in a 25 yard or 25 meter pool.  

When will practice start?


What does my swimmer need on a daily basis?

  • Swim suit (Boys in a jammer or speedo, Girls in a one piece competitive suit),
  • Goggles (have an extra pair in your swimmer's bag for when straps or nose pieces break)
  • Cap (an extra cap in bag) for swimmers with long hair or hair that will fall over a swimmer's goggles while swimming, or mouth while taking a breath. 
  • Equipment stated below

What equipment will my swimmer need?

  • Preteam: Water Bottle
  • Squad 1:  Water bottle, Finis zoomers or TYR short fins (burner) or crossblade for those with really small feet).
  • Squad 2: Water bottle, Finis zoomers or TYR short fins (burner) or crossblade for those with really small feet).
  • Squad 3 and Junior Varsity: Water bottle, Finis zoomers TYR short fins (burner) or crossblade for those with really small feet), and Finis hand paddles (yellow agility ones), equipment bag to hold equipment. Kickboard and pull buoy are optional.
  • Squad 4, Varsity, National and National Elite: Water bottle, Finis zoomers or TYR short fins (burner), Finis hand paddles (yellow agility) and snorkel, and equipment bag to hold equipment. Kickboard and pull buoy are optional.  

Please ask the coaches if you have any questions.      

Do I have to stay at the pool while my child is training?

No, you do not have to stay at the pool while your child is training.  You can workout, run an errand, or run home to cook dinner.  Please do not drop your child/ren off at the pool and let them swim in the recreational pool unsupervised until practice starts. It is very important you have your contact info updated in case we need to get a hold of you.

Will practice be stopped or canceled for a lightning storm?

No, the pool is grounded and safe during lightning storms.  Recent studies have even shown that it is more dangerous to clear swimmers from an indoor pool, as they then tend to injure themselves as they run to their cars in the parking lot.  If there is a tornado or other inclement weather, we will activate the emergency action plan of the Metro Rec Plex and work to keep your children as safe as we can.