We are excited to have you join the Illinois Swimming Officiating team!

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We have streamlined the training for every position, reducing the time and money it takes to become a certified official. Each position has a slightly different track to complete so please feel free to jump to the Training Information page if you are ready to go!

Becoming an official consists of registration as a non-athlete, completion of training requirements for your position, and then completing the certification process.

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Becoming a non-athlete member of USA Swimming includes:


Officials Training is governed by position. You must register to train for any position. You can do that on the Training Information Page.

The details for each position are laid out on the position training pages:


Once your training is complete, send your documents via email to the Illinois Swimming Officials Committee.

All the documents you need are available on the Registration and Certification page.


Questions for the Committee? Questions about Officiating? Contact [email protected]. Please allow a few days for a response as the mailbox is staffed by volunteers.