Introducing Online Training

Illinois Swimming has streamlined the official training process to our new online learning program. Select your training below. Each is position-specific, so please select the level at which you are training. New officials may only choose Stroke and Turn, or Admin Official.

Please be sure you can make the clinic time before registering. No refunds for clinic registration will be provided.

Once you sign up for a clinic, you will receive a link in a few days inviting you to an online classroom. These classrooms contain short, interactive videos for you to complete. You MUST complete them before attending the training.

Each training session is led by an Illinois official experienced at that level. The classes have different lengths (approximately 90 minutes for stroke and turn, 2 hours for admin and starter, and three hours for referees).

The 2-hour requirement for on-deck training sessions has been reinstated. For all positions other than referee, a training session must last 2 hours. For referees, it must be 3 hours.

Have a question about web-based training? Contact [email protected].







Upcoming Webinars

Coming Spring 2023!

Clinic Date

Position Clinic Time Registration Deadline

 Registration Link

3/25/23 Stroke and Turn 9:00 AM 3/18/23 Register
4/1/23 Admin Official 9:00 AM 3/25/23 Register
4/15/23 Starter 9:00 AM 4/8/23 Register
4/22/23 Referee 9:00 AM 4/15/23 Register
4/30/23 Admin Official 9:00 AM 4/23/23 Register
5/6/23 Stroke and Turn 9:00 AM 4/30/23 Register
5/13/23 Starter 9:00 AM 5/6/23 Register
5/16/23 Stroke and Turn 6:00 PM 5/9/23 Register
Registration Opening Soon!!!

Are you interested in leading online training?    Email us!


These MUST be completed before you can start your on-deck training!

On-Deck Training Materials

Sign-up Links for Open Water Clinics

Spring Clinics TBD:

  • Open Water Officiating/Deep Dive into an Open Water Event (complete both clinic sessions with this sign-up!)

  • Deep Dive into an Open Water Event

  • Introduction to Open Water Officiating

If you have any trouble with the webinar please email Steve Fidanze and Alex Abramovich.


Questions for the Committee? Questions about Officiating? Contact [email protected].

Please allow a few days for a response as the mailbox is staffed by volunteers.

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