Website Updates

Rob Busby

This News item will be updated as we discover more regarding the new template.

With the upgrade to the new template yesterday we lost a few updates we had made to the website. This morning we have taken the time to purge a lot of old items, update several others and restore the lost items. There is an asterisk next to each tab that has sub-menu item that has been updated; the sub-menu item that has been updated also has an asterisk next to it: * = update. Following is a navigation list of what has been updated.

-Holiday Project
-Time Standards
-Qualifying Reports
-Team Store
-Social Media
-Social Events

  • Parents new to the team should check out the Time Standards and Social Media pages.
  • All Qualifying Reports are up-to-date for all meets through the end of the season that require a time. 
  • The Team Store has new shirts available, 3 cotton tees available individually or as a bundle. Please let us know if there's anything you'd like availalbe for the holidays.
  • Social Events has a date listed for next Friday, November 16, SPY Parents and popcorn in the lobby starting at 5:00p.

As far as the new template goes, the login is in the top right corner. Once you're logged in you can you can click your photo (or no photo image) and choose a to go to My Accout or the Back Office, both of these get you a sidebar on the left with all the commands you used to have in the old template. So if you're looking for meet results: go to the Back Office > Events & Competitions > My Results. On the bottom left of the Back Office page is link to take you back to the team website, this will open a new tab.