SPY Newsletter - September 2019

Alex Totura

SPY Families, 

After a lot of emails routinely throughout the weeks at the beginning of the season we are going to get back to doing a Newsletter each month that will include some things that happened the past month and things that are coming up. 

Dual Meet Follow Up

Thank you to everyone who helped out with the Dual Meet this past Sunday. We apologize for the delay in getting the meet started. We are fixing or replacing the equipment that led to the delay and we will be ready to go for the Season Opener in 10 Days. We run a DQ report after each meet so if you have a swimmer who was diqualfied in a race and they would like to know why you can contact Alex. We use the DQ report to make sure we go over things in practice following meets. 

If you are new to the team, or just don't know how, you can look up your swimmers results on the website by following these steps: log onto the website, go to the back office, on the left side of the page select Events & Competition, then click on Meet Results. On that page you can select your swimmer(s) and view different meet results. Only results for active members can be viewed and results for swims that resulted in a DQ will not appear. 

SPG Meeting

There will be an SPG Meeting on Wednesday October 2nd in the Multipurpose Room of the Kerasotes Branch of the YMCA. The meeting will go over everythign to know about the SPY Season Opener and be very informational for those who have never taken part in one of our invites. We will end out an Agenda on Monday 9/30

SPY Season Opener

We will send out our most up to date entries for the Season Opener today. We currently have 152 swimmers in the meet and there are about 450 total swimmers in the meet. If for some reason your swimmer is not in the meet but needs to be entered you need to email Alex ASAP. Billing Summaries will be sent out on Friday when entry fees for the Season Opener have been added to accounts. 


We think dryland has been going well on the pool deck. It is progressive each week where we spend more time teaching at the beginning of the week and then push swimmers to do more as the week goes on. Swimmers need to have tennis shoes for dryland. Swimmers who come to pratice without tennis shoes will sit out during dryland. As the season goes on shoes will be vital in allowing swimmers to do exercies correctly and safely.  

There is an new article up on SwimStrong Dryland that talks about muscle soreness and recovery that would be beneficial for swimmers/parents to read. 

Upcoming Meets

Meet Packets and Event Files have been added to meets in which the host has published them. We are waiting on that information from Edwardsville still, but as soon as we receive that information we will send it out to every so events can be selected. The next meets to be looking at are the Virtural Invite and the BNSC Holiday Prelim/Final meet. 

Website Updates

We added a few things on the website. Under the Swimmers tab we have added a link for Test Sets. That page will explain why we do test sets and how we use them as well as information on how to look up those results. Under the Parents tab we have added a link for Apps. This page includes information on Apps that are beneficial for you to have on your phone. If any parent has another App that they think other parents would benefit from please contact Alex or Rob and we can share. 


Alex Totura

SPY Typhoons