SPY 2020 Long Course Season Registration

Alex Totura

2020 Long Course Season Registration Information

SPY Families, 

The time is here for registration for the 2020 Long Course Season. As always there are some notes below. If this is your first season on the team there is useful information below so please check it out when considering what to register for.

Long Course Season Description

The Long Course Season takes place from April 6th through July 25th. It is named “Long Course” because the competitions primarily take place in a Long Course Meters (LCM) pool which is 50 meters long. While most competitions are in LCM pools, we have still offered racing opportunities in our home pool over the course of the season for the past several years and plan to do so again.

The Long Course season can be broken up into 2 parts. Spring Training starts on April 6th and will conclude on May 30th. All practices during this time will be at the YMCA. You can find the proposed practice schedule attached. We normally begin practice in a long course pool the day after Memorial day, but any changes in the practice schedule for the summer will be communicated prior to then.

Summer Training takes place from May 26th through July 25th. Over this period of time most groups will be offered morning practice in a LCM pool in town, and also afternoon practice at the YMCA.

If you sign up for the Long Course Season or Monthly fees, you are registered for both Spring Training and Summer Training. Swimmers who registered for Year Around Monthly billing in August of 2019 are automatically registered for the Long Course Season.

If you sign up for Spring Training only you will not be registered for the months of June and July. Likewise, if you sign up for Summer Training you won’t begin practice until May 26th. If you are confused on how that all works please contact Alex with questions.  

Why swim Long Course Season?

Over 75% of the swimmers who qualified for the 2020 Short Course YMCA State meet participated in the Long Course season in 2019. The majority of the roughly 25% remaining were 8 and under swimmers or year around swimmers who joined SPY this season. As swimmers get older their ability to be in the water and train at an appropriate level becomes more and more important. Training and competing 25s and 50s over the summer will not help swimmers 9 and older prepare for the races they want to be successful in during the next short course season. Especially for those who are aging up during the next short course season it is important to start the process of increasing time swimming over the summer. Taking 16-20 weeks off during Spring/Summer is not a good decision to be successful during the Short Course season the next year.

It is not expected that swimmers 8 and younger will all participate during the Long Course season. Lots of swimmers these ages decide to swim Spring Training and do a summer league recreation team to continue to have fun and develop a love for the sport. If you have questions about your 8 and under swimmer please contact Alex.

The team has invested in the SwimStrong Dryland program through the summer. We will be offering Dryland practices through the Spring and Summer, including for 8 and under swimmers most days of the week over the course of the summer months. Dryland training will be progressive as athletes will continue to develop their strength out of the water. Those that participate in the Dryland over the summer will see a greater benefit during the 2020/2021 Short Course season.

Long Course Season Fees

See attached the list of fees for the Long Course season. They are broken up by Spring Training (1 payment), Summer Training (1 Payment), or Long Course Season (1 payment) or Monthly (4 Payments)

To Register

Swimmers who were registered as year around monthly athletes are automatically registered for the Long Course season. You can find the list of those swimmers here.

Accounts with current members can register by logging onto the website. You will want to make sure you are on the BACK OFFICE portion of the website. This is the part of the website that has the tabs on the left side of the page that you can scroll over. You want to scroll over MY ACCOUNT, then under REGISTRATION you select TEAM REGISTRATION and it will take you to the registration page.

Additionally, you can register using the TEAM REGISTRATION tab on the Home Page.  

Registration will be open through March April 2nd.  I will update all billing options for all accounts on March 31st prior to the normal billing cycle on April 1st. The Long Course Season will begin on April 6th. 

Alex Totura

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