Recommended Meets for Swimmers (To be Updated)

You will find below the recommended competitions for each group based on their billing group (Developmental, Age Group, Advanced Age Group, and Senior). All meets appear on the Events page of the website. We are working to update all of that information as soon as we receive it.

These are recommendations, meaning we strongly encourage all swimmers in those groups to attend those meets. We understand there may be meet weekends that you may not be able to make. The goal is to map out the competitions for the swimmers throughout the season. It is important for kids to compete throughout the season and see the payoff of all their hard work. It is important for swimmers to swim all events possible. Each event is an opportunity for the swimmer the get a best time and a boost in confidence from their performance. The more race experience a swimmer gets, the more likely they are to improve.

Developmental and Age Group Notes

If you see a recommendation of "EITHER" for your child's group then either of those meets is appropriate and they should attend at least 1 of those meets. If you are able to attend both meets we strongly encourage you to do so.

The weekend of November 21st, there are two meets offered on 1 day. The meet in Jacksonville is a pentathlon where each swimmer swims a race of each event and 100 IM , 5 total. It is a one day meet. We highly recommend the Jacksonville Meet for 8 and under swimmers. However, if you have swimmers in another group who are swimming at the meet at Eisenhower Pool in Springfield we recommend you send them both to the same meet.

We will be updating the information on the on Championship Meets as it becomes available. There is a USA Swimming Meeting in October which will go over the venues and updated time standards for Championship meets.

You can always ask Alex or Rob about meets you should attend and events your swimmer should swim. When you register for a meet, you can leave a note for coaches to pick events, or you can pick events yourself. If you pick events and only pick 2 on a certain day, expect that a coach will add events for your swimmer to that meet.

Recommended Meets (Updated 9.6.16)